How Location Data Is Used In Site Planning?

When it comes to site planning, location data help us to decide what is the best location for our new business and continuing to revolutionise company practises and processes.


When it comes to design development, advances facilitated by location data are continuing to revolutionize company standards and procedures. It is now possible to estimate which sites are most likely to enhance sales for seasonal, permanent, and mobile enterprises using knowledge from new data streams.

Food trucks, which are a popular lunchtime option for many, operate on a location-based business strategy. Food trucks, on the whole, offer identical lunch selections for around the same cost, making it more difficult for the companies to stand apart from adjacent competitors. As a result, the placement of a food truck can decide the success of the business.

Taking an instance of Starbucks Locations, let us understand how the world’s leading coffee chain Starbucks, plans its store location to get the best business profit.

These are the only factors that Starbucks evaluates, but based on Rong Di’s report and our research, those were some of the characteristics that Starbucks considers while evaluating shop locations. The following is a list that is not in any particular order.

1. Neighborhood Income

Starbucks analyzes the range of aspects before introducing a new shop, including regional income. A new store should be located in an area with a median family income of at least $60,000.

2. Age

Starbucks’ primary goal is to motivate communities in which the majority of citizens are aged between18-44.

3. Landmarks / Industrial Parks

Choosing a store placement near the industrial area or offices will bring in more clients. Starbucks works in the same way as they seek places near offices, colleges, or city centers.

4. Traffic

You can get helpful info from network traffic, especially when deciding a new retail site. There is a good likelihood that your business will flourish if several thousand vehicles pass by the place where you intend to build the business. A daily traffic figure of at least 25,000 automobiles is preferred by Starbucks.

5. Location

The visibility of a business’s location is crucial. Starbucks prefers to set their shop at signaled intersections with multiple entry points. Because they want to be as prominent as feasible, they pick the normal route with convenient entry and departure places.

6. Commute Side

Coffee is the first thing we require in the morning. Because many of us eat breakfast on the way and from working rather than on the way home, one side of the journey is favored.

7. Location About Other Businesses

The proximity of Starbucks to other companies matters a lot since it has a significant impact on the consumer growth. Starbucks aims to have a mix of national and regional commercial landlords adjacent to them and to increase foot traffic to its outlets.

8. Parking

Starbucks likes a dedicated parking spot for a minimum of 20 automobiles, which may vary from country to country, city to city, or location to location.

9. Crime Rates


Yes, there are crime rates. Safety is a major priority for all large retailers and food businesses. Starbucks analyses the region they are about to visit for crime statistics such as overall crime, personal crime, murderer, rapes, theft, assault, gang activity, and vehicle theft to ensure that they are looking at a safe spot.

10. Ownership Of A Smartphone


Customer happiness is the most important factor in any company, right after safety. Customer satisfaction increased after Starbucks launched an app and added a “make payment” feature, as customers no longer had to wait in long lines. Furthermore, they are aware that we enjoy seeing the number of stars we have earned and when we will receive our next reward.

Starbucks studies locations with strong mobile phones to develop their company and then targets marketing and cashback in areas with lower mobile phones to encourage consumers to use their apps.

Using GIS To Expand Your Business

Starbucks uses location information not only to design their future shop but also to expand the ones that are already open. Starbucks considers a variety of elements; let’s take a look at a few of them.


Starbucks is very conscious of the environment in which it operates. They find references on all the big events taking place in the area and utilize this information to organize staffing and inventories.


Starbucks, like the internal indicators, is cleverly leveraging AccuWeather’s real-feel weather data to determine the weather ahead (one week or so). That was not brilliant at all. What’s brilliant is that they anticipate locations where the temperature will be really hot, and they understand that some people prefer flavored drinks on hot summer days.

A New Age Of Site Planning

New information streams are leading to a new age of design and development, allowing previously unimaginable ideas to become a reality. Indeed, as this food truck example shows, the success of design and development means being able to access and work in a variety of data sources, from conventional sources to different phases datasets, to determine, recognize, and evaluate the effect that communications will have on someone’s sales revenue.

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