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LocationsCloud offers data of a list of locations together with comprehensive details on every place, including its opening or closing time, type of place, etc. We also deliver high-quality data in a uniform format to minimize time spent cleaning and munging data.

We focus on delivering industry-leading data with high quality and accuracy. Our Data includes an ever-expanding list of POI. We offer various resources while evaluating the data and comparing it to truth sets. You can directly contact our experts to view our schema, monthly metrics, and useful details on data supply and evaluations.





Industries That We Cater

Get exposure to the latest industry including various Food and Grocery chains, Retail outlets, Pharmacies, Hospitality, Automotive, and many more to go.

Use Cases of Real-time Location Data Analytics

Check out the use cases of location data that we have noted here to get insights into various sectors and how it helps ease operational efficiency.
Foot Traffic Analysis

LocationsCloud datasets provide real-time foot traffic analysis for retail stores. Businesses can optimize store layouts and enhance their marketing strategies by analyzing customer movement patterns.

Geo-targeted Advertising

Our experts enable precise targeting of ads based on the locations. By integrating location data with demographic information, businesses can deliver personalized and relevant ads to customers, increasing engagement and ROI.

Competitor Analysis

LocationsCloud helps businesses gain insights into competitor activity. This information allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, adjust pricing strategies, and monitor targeted marketing campaigns.

Route Optimization

LocationsCloud uses geospatial data and analyzes real-time traffic data and customer preferences to optimize delivery routes. This data helps minimize travel time and fuel costs while increasing on-time deliveries and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Fleet Management

Our datasets help track vehicles in real-time and provide predictive maintenance alerts. Our geofencing capabilities allow efficient task allocation, route planning, and resource utilization, resulting in optimal fleet performance and cost savings.

Predictive Maintenance

We use predictive analysis to optimize maintenance schedules for transports. By analyzing historical data, sensor inputs, and machine learning models, we predict potential equipment failure and minimize disruptions, leading to cost savings and enhanced asset reliability.

Epidemiological Studies

LocationsCloud integrates geospatial data to monitor disease hotspots, track transmission patterns, and aid in targeted interventions, optimizing public health strategies for epidemiological studies.

Patient Monitoring

Utilizing real-time location data, LocationsCloud enables continuous monitoring of patients' movements within healthcare facilities, enhancing safety protocols and resource allocation for efficient patient care.

Emergency Response

Our rapid data processing facilitates real-time location tracking of medical assets, enabling positive response coordination during emergencies, optimizing resource deployment, and ensuring timely assistance for complex situations.

Location-based Recommendations

Provide personalized suggestions for nearby attractions, restaurants, and events based on user preferences and location data history, enhancing visitor experiences and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Visitor Analytics

Analyzing foot traffic patterns, popular areas, and visitor demographics to optimize facilities, staff, and marketing strategies, improving overall operational efficiency and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Safety and Security

Integrating geofencing and real-time data monitoring to ensure visitor safety and security alerts during emergencies. This will improve security protocols for safer and more secure hospitality services.

Fraud Detection

Our geospatial analytics data helps detect unusual translation patterns, highlighting potential fraud hotspots that financial institutions can investigate and mitigate risks efficiently.

Location-based Services

LocationsCloud integrates real-time location data with financial services, allowing personalized offers, ATM/brand locators, and geofencing for enhanced customer experience and targeted marketing strategies.

Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive location datasets and geospatial analysis enhance risk assessment models, providing insights into geographical risks, market trends, and customer behavior for informed decision-making in the financial industry.

Traffic Management

Use real-time location data to optimize traffic patterns, reduce traffic, and improve overall road efficiency for smoother city mobility.

Public Transportation Planning

LocationsCloud enhances the public transport system by monitoring traffic patterns, optimizing bus routes, and providing real-time updates to enhance accessibility and convenience for city residents.

Urban Planning

LocationsCloud helps in urban planning development by analyzing demographic trends, suggesting optimal locations for infrastructure projects and providing insights for sustainable growth and enhanced life quality.


Take a Look at Our Data Subscriptions and Licenses Options for Custom Data

With our subscription plans, you can download our data as often as you like or integrate our POI API into your applications to get the most up-to-date data.

Use our data to build creative commercial or consumer-facing solutions, or licence it for company-wide use.

Instead of buying every quarter,
you can save a lot of money by signing up for a yearly subscription.

We Also Provide Custom Data Enrichment Services for Most Our POI Datasets

For examples, whether a Kroger has a store or the hours of operations, store operator names or emails in some cases, menu for restaurants, busy times, pricing and so on

In most cases, we can additionally offer you with additional enriched data on demand.

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For the Most of Brands, We Have Historical Data

Since 2017, we’ve been tracking a number of popular companies and can provide you with historical location data, such as shop openings and closures.

If you’re seeking for historical locations for any of the retail chains we have available in our store, please contact our sales team.

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Most of our datasets are updated weekly, which gives us one of the best update cycles in the market.


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To ensure the greatest degree of quality, our datasets go through many rounds of automatic and manual reviews.

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The majority of our datasets are less expensive than those of our competitors You receive a better deal for your money.

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We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable datasets reflecting our industry recognition. Our award-winning solutions reflect our commitment to empowering businesses with smarter decisions and confidence.

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