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Locationscloud analyze store openings, store closures, parking facilities, in-store pickup options, services, subsidiaries, nearest rival store, and much more

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  • Right Arrow Store Name
  • Right Arrow Store ID / Store Number
  • Right Arrow Geo Cordinates
  • Right Arrow Store Status (Open, Closed, etc.)
  • Right Arrow URL
  • Right Arrow Direction URL
  • Right Arrow Phone Number
  • Right Arrow Address
  • Right Arrow City
  • Right Arrow Street
  • Right Arrow County
  • Right Arrow State
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  • Right Arrow Zip code

3,000,000 +

POI Locations

2500 +


40 +


12 +

Do you require data to be updated on a regular basis?

Take a look at our data subscriptions and licence options for customized data

With our subscription plans, you can download our data as often as you like or integrate our POI API into your applications to get the most up-to-date data.

Use our data to build creative commercial or consumer-facing solutions, or licence it for company-wide use.

Learn more about our Data Subscriptions
Instead of buying every quarter,
you can save a lot of money by signing up for a yearly subscription.

Browse through our datasets by industry

Thousands of brands and millions of geographical data are accessible for instant download all around the world.

Every week, new brands and retail shop locations are introduced.

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Why should you buy from us?

Do you require more data points than the standard?

We also provide custom data enrichment services for most our POI Datasets

For examples, whether a Kroger has a store or the hours of operations, store operator names or emails in some cases, menu for restaurants, busy times, pricing and so on

In most cases, we can additionally offer you with additional enriched data on demand.

Please contact us to learn more about the types of data enrichment that are available.




Stores have a




of Whole

Food Market

Stores accept

Amazon Returns



Dollar General

Stores have


Pick up and

drop facilities

Historical Data

For the most of brands, we have historical data

Since 2017, we've been tracking a number of popular companies and can provide you with historical location data, such as shop openings and closures.

If you're seeking for historical locations for any of the retail chains we have available in our store, please contact our sales team.

Contact Sales for Historical Data

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