Terms and Conditions

We Have Simple and Straightforward Terms and Conditions:

  1. If we offer free or sample data sets, you or your business unit may use them without restriction, but you are not allowed to disseminate the samples or free data sets in any way, either for free or for a fee.
  2. You must use your work or company email address during checkout in order to grant permissions for your business. Using a personal email address solely gives you the individual right to use the information.
  3. Any data you download can only be used by you or your primary business unit* (assuming you paid with your business or work email). It cannot be shared, sold, distributed again, or repackaged in other software packages or apps (packaged or SaaS).
  4. Please contact us to discuss your choices for data licensing or redistribution if you need to combine the data with other data to offer enhanced or value-added services to your clients or to other members of your company.
  5. Please contact us for enterprise license options if you wish to utilize the data internally in big businesses, including numerous business units* within a larger firm.
  6. Please get our permission if you want to utilize the data in open-source products.
  7. Please get in touch with us to get permission if you want to use the data in any kind of offline or online publication, such as magazines, news articles, blog posts, infographics, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Most legitimate use cases result in approval.
  8. If you believe the data breaches any laws in your jurisdiction or is protected by copyright, kindly get in touch with us using your work email.

Digital Downloads

You will receive the data as a digital download (a computer file) that can be opened with programs like Microsoft Excel. It is formatted as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. We will not be able to offer any technical assistance for accessing or utilizing the data in this file. If you are unable to use the data for any reason, are unable to infer a value from the data, or do not believe the data to be reliable or helpful, we will not be held liable.

Since the products are digital, refunds are not permitted and all sales are final. After your purchase, you have 30 days to use the download links we provide you to access the data. As soon as you purchase the data, please download it and save it safely. You will have to make a new purchase if, thirty days after your initial purchase, you need to download the data again for any reason.

Before making a purchase, please download the sample data for each product to make sure it meets your needs. Because every dataset may have various fields, please make sure the fields in that sample file match what you need and expect. Before downloading the data, you may assume something, but we won’t be held accountable if you don’t download the sample and make sure the fields suit your needs.

Data Updates and Refresh

The data you purchase can only be downloaded once, unless you purchase a subscription. Refreshes and updated data over time are not included.

Data Sources

This data store’s contents are compiled from one or more open sources.
We simply charge for the time it takes to collect, organize, and clean the data; we do not claim ownership or copyrights to the data.

Warranties, Representations, and Guarantees

Regarding the correctness of the data we provide, we make no claims or offer any guarantees. In accordance with the cost of each dataset, we endeavor to ensure that the data is accurate to the best of our ability. Regarding the quality of the datasets or their potential relevance for your business requirement, we offer no warranties.

Payment Plans and Cancellations

Until they are specifically cancelled, all recurring subscriptions will continue to be billed. Recurring subscriptions can only be canceled during the next renewal month and require a 30-day notice. There won’t be any retroactive refunds for cancellations.

Inquiries and Contact Information

Please click here to get in touch with us if you have any issues about how the data is used.