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Who We Are

LocationsCloud is a prominent USA-based provider of store, restaurant, and business location data across several countries. On-demand location data allows organizations to gain data-driven insights into customer requirements, resulting in enhanced decision-making. With years of expertise, our team of experts delivers the dataset businesses require to boost growth and enhance their operations.

Our cutting-edge solution empowers wide range of industries from retails, market research, financial, travel to any other industry depending on people, product and materials available in the world.

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Who we are

What We Do


LocationsCloud provides an accurate and comprehensive dataset of points of interest (POI) for stores and businesses. We offer solutions ranging from geocoded data to mapping specific geographical areas based on longitude and latitude. Businesses can use geospatial location data services to better understand store mobility in particular areas. The location data will help them stay updated with the latest trends and patterns over time. With our wide range of location data-based services, we provide valuable insights into following:

  • Business Directories.
  • Geo-Mapping Product and Services
  • Business Intelligence


Our mission is to revolutionize how businesses use location data, allowing them to look for new opportunities, enhancing operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. We assist diverse industrial domains to stay competitive in the market by offering the on-demand location analytics services customized based on the requirements. Our team provides long-term assistance to ensure seamless geospatial data mapping.


We look forward to a world where location intelligence drives seamless connections, boosts innovations, and revolutionizes industries. By employing updated tools and technologies, we aim to boost our expertise in providing location intelligence services. Being the transformation partner with our diverse service offering, we strive to expand the location data collection methodologies.

Our Core Values



Employing highest security standards for our location analytics and intelligence services is our utmost priority. We follow location specific and legal guidelines to ensure data privacy and security. Our team exclusively work by signing NDA which resultant in assured service delivery by following ethical practices.



Our expertise in user-centric services assists in fulfilling diverse business requirements. We use a combination of modern tools and technologies to eliminate the possibility of errors. Our team ensures data-driven insights of location analytics for quick data mapping and monitoring location insights.



Our transparent approach to delivering data-driven insights assists in maintaining long-term association with our clients. We believe establishing transparent communication and defining project aspects assist in providing the custom location dataset as per the requirements of our clients.


Result Oriented

Our excellence in providing diverse datasets for the required segments leads to boosting the market presence. We prioritize optimal solutions by collaborating extensively with the efforts of our intelligence team to deliver data insights for specific businesses.



Being the prominent location data service provider, we ensure customized datasets for market analysis, user behavior and analyzing competition in the specific location. We use modern strategies and tools to collect accurate data insights to revolutionize the business processes.



Being in the digital landscape, we employ automated data monitoring practices to provide real time location data in no time. Our team stays updated with the latest analytical tools and practices to deliver the tailored dataset to diverse industrial domains that assist in decision making process.

LocationsCloud is a leading provider of location dataset solutions as per the user’s requirements. We offer comprehensive datasets that helps in informed decision-making to boosts business growth.