The Best Providers For Top 9 Types of Location Data

Location data is essential for companies looking to provide services based on the geographical location of customers. If you have a retail store and want to improve your store’s brand awareness, then you can buy location data. If you offer your products online, your location can expand to the domestic and international markets. Here you must provide products that appeal to the people in the regions. Thus, you must buy data from renowned service providers. Here is all about location data.

Different Types of Location Data

Different Types of Location Data

Geographically speaking, location data is of two types. The vector data provides the specific location of cities, mountains, waterbodies, and other geographical features. The raster data will give you spatial data as you would get when viewed from a satellite. However, from a commercial point of view, this location data might give you more information than you require. For instance, when you buy location datayou need the concentration of the human population of the region, their earning points, and their ability to spend. 

From the point of view of an e-commerce platform, location data can be psychographics, which tells you about the age, gender, religion, and income of an area. This is very important for getting a new product out there and selling it. 

The other two types of location data are mobile data and geosocial data. The geosocial data can be used to picture a region’s income levels as a mosaic. In the same way, you can find out where the person is by using their mobile info. With the help of the mobile location, you can see if the move is from a lower-income mosaic to a higher-income mosaic. This can give you an idea of how much your customers can spend. So, you can use the location data to learn more about your customers and make changes to your marketing plan to help your customers think of your brand better. 

The Top 9 Types and Where to Purchase Location Data Based on Your Needs

Where to Purchase Location Data Based on Your Needs

When you buy location data, you must ensure that it suits your company. It is also essential to ensure that it is accurate and provides you with an in-depth analysis of the clients in the geographical location. Here are the top nine location data you can purchase based on your needs.

Point of Interest Data: The POI data provides the specific location of properties. The POI datasets can provide you with the location of buildings, real estate landmarks, stadiums, healthcare facilities, markets, and even natural phenomena. This data can be helpful if you want to do a financial analysis of a location or a real estate evaluation. If you want to invest in the property of a region, it is essential to have all the geographical data of the place. Some of the service providers from whom you can buy the best POI location data is from SafeGraph and LocationsCloud. 

Property Data: This is like POI data but is different because it will provide you with the location of buildings and properties. The property data provides mapping information and helps you calculate the risks of investing in the property. Hence, property data can be helpful if you are investing in residential and basic commercial properties. Here too SafeGraph and LocationsCloud are the best options when it comes to acquiring the best quality datasets.

Mobility Data: You need mobility data if you want information on where to set up hoardings and advertisements. This data will give you an insight into the number of people entering or leaving a particular location within a given period. You can use this data for urban planning and transportation. Veraset is one of the best service providers for mobility data. 

Demographic Data: Business managers often buy location data to improve their business and develop marketing strategies based on the spending ability of a region. This data will give you an idea of the spending power, lifestyle, and economic condition of the people living in an area. You can build your marketing strategy based on this information. You can acquire such data from SafeGraph and LocationsCloud.

Address Data: This information and data are specific to a place. This data is acquired through geocoding and reverse geocoding. You will find that representation of exact buildings and geolocation is often necessary if you are providing location-specific services. Infutor is the best service provider if you are looking for address data.

Boundary Data: This data is like acquiring multiple POIs. As is evident from the dataset’s name, it provides the boundary lines and the geographical borders of regions. This information is essential if you are developing large residential or commercial properties. If you need access to boundary data, you can get it from CARTO, the market leader in this information.

Environmental Data: This information will give you an idea of what kinds of natural things happen in a particular area, as well as the weather, temperature trends, and migration routes of birds. Insurance companies often use this information to make the right client plans. For example, if a place is prone to big storms and hurricanes, building and flood insurance rates will be much higher. So, you need information about the surroundings to determine how dangerous a place is. You can get this kind of information from ClimateCheck.

Streets Data: You need this data to get the best routes to make the deliveries on time. You will find that e-commerce platforms and supply chain management companies often acquire street data to identify the best delivery methods. You can get street data from Mapbox.

Imagery Mapping: This is required if you want the location of a place in real time. It will give you moment to moment update on the environmental status of the earth. Environmentalists and climate scientists often use this data. You can acquire this data from Esri.

Thus, depending on your requirement, you must purchase location data from a company that provides the best support.

Best Providers of Location Data

You should consider what you need when looking for the best location data companies. When you buy location data, the first thing you need to talk to the service provider about is what niche market your business is in. For example, let’s say you’re in charge of running an online store. You need to talk to service providers like SafeGraph, LocationsCloud, Veraset, and Irys for the location, POI, demographic, and movement data. You have to make data sets that give you the knowledge you need, like how people act, how much money they make, and how much they can spend. So, if you want to get location data, talk to the service provider about your needs and business so they can give you the best data.


To find location info, you need to know your market. You would do better if you built your marketing plan around that group. You can get an idea of that market from the location info. The different kinds of data you get from the service providers will give you information about the market where you want to sell your goods and services. So, if you buy location data, you should only do so from a well-known company. This will ensure the data is accurate, and you’ll be able to develop a great marketing plan.

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