The data you wish to scrape from various websites might be available within a map. Scraping information from Google Maps with several store locations is very common.

Here, we will extract data from an interactive map using a free web scraper tool. Google Maps data extractor is used to extract addresses, phone numbers, and emails from a shop locator.

How To Scrape Data From A Locations Map?

Remember that every map will look different. The one you are working with is not identical to the ones you will scrape from.

  • Install our web scraper. Enter the targeted website from which you wish to scrape the data from. Here, we will scrape the information from the Long and McQuade website’s Ontario store finder.
  • After submitting the targeted website link, the URL will search for the locations inside the app.
  • You can click on any of the “Location pins” given on the map.
  • Just a few clicks and you will be able to extract the location name and contact details for every location.

Each location on the map will contain a link to more store information. Click on web scraper tool, on these URLs and retrieve the addresses and email addresses of every store.

Executing The Web Scraper Tool

It is now time to execute the scraper and extract all the data you have chosen for all of the map’s places.


Once the web scraping process is completed, extracting the data you have selected can be downloaded in Excel or JSON file.

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