Location Data Extraction from Google Maps: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Maps is a great way to find and learn more about places. It can find companies, give directions, find attractions, and look up neighborhood information. It is also a great place to find information about places and names.

Businesses often need to scrape important information about an area, like addresses, business names, phone numbers, etc., from Google Maps to store in their information collection for later use. This information can be used to improve a business, promote it, and do other things. Location, coordinates, and additional essential information about the place are the easiest to separate.

Luckily, some tools make it easy for clients to collect any location data from Google Maps. With these tools, you can get the most important details from Google Maps.

This article will discuss using Google Maps to get location info.

Configure the Google Maps scraper:


For collect location data from Google Maps, you need to configure the scraper in the following way:

1. Sign in to your Google Maps account:

The first step is to sign into your Google Maps account. You can easily create one if you do not have an existing account.

2. Access Google Maps Scraper:

Once logged in, you can access the Google Maps scraper by clicking the “Tools” button in the top right corner.

3. Select the location you want to extract:

Once you have accessed the scraper, select the location where you want to extract data. You can enter a city or county name, as well as address, along with other details.

4. Choose the data to extract:

When choosing the area, pick the data type you need to extract. You can choose from different categories, for example, business name, address, telephone number, site, and other related data.

5. Download the extracted data:

Whenever you have picked the data to extricate, click “Download,” and your record will be ready for download immediately. You can save the information in various formats, for example, Excel sheet, CSV, or JSON, permitting you to separate and use the data under any circumstance.

  • You can also view the scraped data within the Google Maps Scraper interface.
  • Finally, you can export the scraped information into a database or other storage format for further analysis and use.

That is all there is to it! You can undoubtedly extricate information from Google Maps with these basic steps. When the data is extracted, you can involve it for different purposes, like business development, marketing efforts, etc.

What Will The Google Maps Extractor Give You?


With the Google Maps Extractor, or GME for short, it’s easy to get data from Google Maps that is based on an area. It can give important information, like business names and addresses, latitude and longitude data, contact information, opening times, star ratings, reviews, site URLs, etc.

This tool makes it easy and quick to get much information about an area from Google Maps. You can use this knowledge for various business tasks, such as marketing, expanding statistical research, and improving customer service.

How Does The Google Maps Extractor Extract Google Maps Data?

The Google Maps Extractor is a useful tool that lets you quickly get information out of Google Maps. You can get information from it, like addresses, phone numbers, scores, and reviews.

The Google Maps Extractor makes getting information from the Google Maps site accessible using a web scraper. The scraper is meant to get information from every page it views. The data can then be sent to a CSV record or an Excel spreadsheet for further research.

It’s easy to use the Google Maps Extractor. You must type in a geographic or custom area; the extractor will get the correct information. You can also use filters, like keyword searches, scores, and reviews, to narrow your search results.

When you have all the information you need, the Google Maps Extractor will put it all in a CSV file or a worksheet. You can now use this information to guide more study, make marketing plans, or even ask customers what they think.

Why would someone require Google Map Extractor?


Google Map Extractors are essential for businesses that want to collect accurate information from a large area. Whether it’s collecting contact information, addresses, or location-specific data – a Google Maps extractor can help you obtain the data quickly and efficiently.

There are many advantages of using a Google Maps extractor.

1. It saves time and effort:

A Google Maps extractor can collect data from a large area in minutes, which would take hours to do manually. This can be exceptionally advantageous for organizations gathering information from different locations. collect data from Google Maps can likewise be dreary and tedious, so an extractor can assist you with rapidly gathering the essential data.

2. It is Accurate:

An extractor will ensure that information from different sources is precise. This can assist organizations in pursuing better choices in light of reliable data. The data can be used for analytics, marketing campaigns, or tasks. It can likewise help organizations save money by avoiding manual data entry, which can prompt blunders.

3. It is Comprehensive:

An extractor can get detailed information from various sources, such as customer reviews, photos, videos, etc. It can also give a complete picture, which helps businesses make better decisions. These features create a Google Maps scraper, a handy business tool.

4. It is Cost-Effective:

Extractors are less expensive than other data methods, so companies can save money while getting reliable information. You can also use an extractor more than once, which saves money because you won’t have to pay for each use. It is also quick and easy to use so businesses can use it immediately.

5. It is Easy to Use:

Anybody can utilize a Google Maps extractor, no matter their level of technical mastery. You need an internet connection, and a few mouse clicks to gather information. This makes it ideal for organizations that need more opportunities or assets to hire a data researcher.

6. It is Flexible:

An extractor can gather data from different sources so that organizations can fit it to their requirements. This makes it an unprecedented decision for organizations that need to collect information from various locations or sources. It can likewise be used to scrape sites and other web-based sources, so organizations can rapidly and proficiently get the information they need quickly and proficiently.


Any business or person who wants to learn more about a certain area needs to be able to get location information from Google Maps. Using Google Maps’ powerful features, users can quickly and easily find information about a specific place or area. This knowledge can be helpful for many things, such as marketing, analyzing demographics, etc. With the right skills, anyone can learn about an area from Google Maps to find new opportunities.

The Google Maps Extractor is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets people get information from the Google Maps website. It can give a lot of helpful information, like the names and addresses of businesses, their contact information, audits, reviews, etc. Using the Google Guides Extractor, people and groups can quickly get data from various sources that give them insights into their specific areas of interest.