Total Kroger Stores In The USA 2021 – Location Analysis


There is a total of 3,242 Kroger stores by state situated in the USA (as of Feb 2021) that makes it the 2nd biggest retailer as Walmart is in the 1st place. They are the only chain that can able to provide Amazon-supported Whole Foods some competition when comes to total stores.

Brief Insights

  • There are 3,242 Kroger locations by state in the US.
  • California is the state having maximum stores of Kroger Company with 303 stores.
  • Kroger stores are the biggest in the Southern and Midwestern United States.
  • Los Angeles is a city having 38 Kroger stores, the most number of stores in a city.
  • The biggest chains under the Kroger Company include Kroger with 1,348 stores, Harris Teeter with 250 stores, and Little Clinic with 225 stores respectively.

Kroger Company’s Store Locations Map


Kroger stores by the state are situated in 38 different states having store locations focused in the Southwest and Midwestern regions in the USA.

Associated with the competitors, they are having alower percentage of stores in the highly-populated states like New York and Florida.

How Many Stores Are There Under Kroger Company?


You have 22 chains of Kroger stores under the Kroger Company.

Most of the locations functioned under the Kroger company comes under Kroger brand, having 1,348 stores opened in 17 different states in the USA if you consider Kroger stores by state, trailed by Harris Teeter with 260 stores and The Little Clinic with 225 stores respectively.

Total Kroger Locations By State


You will find Kroger Stores available in 38 different states with California having 303 stores, Ohio has 292 stores, and Texas having 210 stores respectively.

A bar chart is given below that shows the top 15 states having the maximum number of Kroger locations by state:

Total Kroger Locations By City


Los Angeles with 38 Kroger stores in the city having the highest Kroger stores Followed by Cinncinati with 35 stores and Houston with 35 stores respectively.

How Many Kroger Stores Locations Are Having Pharmacies?

A Kroger Company is having 2.2K retail pharmacies within 37 different states.

Kroger Is All Set To Administer COVID Vaccines

Kroger has been working on administering the COVID vaccines using their retail clinic chain named Little Clinic. The Kroger Company has got record growth in the year 2020 as this COVID pandemic has resulted in amplified demand for fundamentals like home cleaning supplies and groceries.

This chain is doing extremely well for sales that it credits to the e-commerce platform, besides to well-known in-store brands including Simple Truth to deliver better growth. Furthermore, Kroger provides curbside pick-up with over 82% of the stores that have also assisted in maintaining the market share in this period. A new fulfillment center of Krogersh as made a partnership with Ocado, a grocery tech-company. This center may use robotics as well as other digital technologies to fulfill online orders. Also, they have announced KroGo shopping carts which are similar to Amazon Dash Carts, which can be utilized like visual scanners. These carts give shoppers the running subtotal about purchases when items get added, assisting people to stay on the budget.

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