There are 3,514 stores of Kroger Company in the US on 31st December 2019) and it is the 2nd biggest retailer in the US after Walmart. They are the only chain, which gives competition to the Amazon-backed Whole Foods in terms of the number of stores.

Brief Insights

  • Kroger stores are the biggest in Southern and Midwestern United States.
  • Cincinnati is Kroger’s headquarter having maximum stores.

State-Wise Kroger Stores


This graph shows 15 states having maximum Kroger stores.

Kroger is having stores in about 42 states with California having the maximum number of stores.District of Columbia and Delaware both have 4 stores each with the least number of stores.

Cities Having Maximum Kroger Stores


The given graph shows the first 15 cities having the maximum stores.

Kroger is having 40 & 37 stores in Cincinnati & Columbus respectively as both these cities are situated in Ohio.

The given map here shows the store locations of Kroger.

Map of Kroger store locations

Kroger Stores are situated only in only 3 out of the 9 Northeastern states. The company has a lower percentage of stores in highly-populated states including California, Florida,Texas, Illinois, and New York compared to the competitors.

The main competitors of Kroger are Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Costco. Let’s compare their maps.

Kroger Vs. Walmart


Kroger is the 2ndlargest merchant after Walmart.

Walmart is having stores in 50 states whereas Kroger is available in only 42 states.

Kroger Vs. Costco


Costco is having 533 stores in the US.

Costco is having 24% as well as 5.8% of the total stores in vastly populated states, California & Texas respectively.

Kroger Vs. Target


You will find a total of 1,853 Target stores within the U.S.

Target is having 15.5% as well as 8% of its total stores within highly-populated states, California & Texas respectively.

Kroger Vs. Whole Foods


Whole Foods has Whole Foods in the country.

Whole Foods is having 18% as well as 7% of the total stores within highly-populated states, California & Texas respectively.

The Grocery Fight – Kroger, Walmart, Amazon

Amazon’s admission into the grocery games has forced the companies to find ways to make sure they stay steady in the competition. Whereas Walmart wants to tackle this through increasing the online presence, provide one-day deliveries, as well as store the pick-ups. Kroger is working on the other approach and partnered with Microsoft Azure to fulfill its cloud computing requirements. As Microsoft is challenging Amazon Web Services, Kroger has planned to create digital shelves for increasing store efficiency using Microsoft. It is dealt with the same-day delivery of groceries with self-driving cars that helps in boosting sales.

Kroger might not have the number of stores like Walmart, however, they have attained over 27 chains that have assisted them in increasing their footprints indefinite states without opening the store there. So, Kroger had aligned with Ocado for building a minimum of 20 grocery warehouses driven by robots, providing them the edge over both Amazon-owned Whole Foods and Walmart that do not become fully-automated stores yet.

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