In 1974, three college friends in Atlanta, Georgia, wanted to open a pizza place that made perfect stone-baked pizza and reflected their unique beliefs and style. That’s how “A Higher Order of Pizza™,” or Mellow Mushroom, started.

Almost fifty years later, Mellow Mushroom has significantly grown and can be found in nineteen states. Despite its growth, each Mellow Mushroom restaurant keeps its unique vibe. They have incredible, psychedelic decorations and serve tasty stone-baked pizzas and drinks. Business owners and decision-makers should be aware of consumer distribution and demographics to ensure their success in the United States market. Distribution study is essential for organizations because it enables them to reach markets more effectively and distribute goods more equitably and conveniently. Their knowledge of distribution methods and channels ultimately acquires a competitive edge. On the other side, a demographics study allows businesses to focus on marketing aims, develop products based on their customers’ needs and preferences, and allocate their resources accordingly by identifying the specific needs of their customers. With these reports, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and approach sustainable development in the ever-changing market.

Key Highlights:

  • Georgia has the highest concentration of Mellow Mushroom restaurants per capita, indicating a strong presence and popularity of the brand in the state.
  • Despite its larger population, Florida has fewer Mellow Mushroom restaurants than Georgia, resulting in a lower density.
  • North Carolina falls in between, with a decent number of locations given its population size, but not as high as Georgia.
  • These numbers give us insights into the popularity and distribution of Mellow Mushroom restaurants across these states, showing where the brand has been most successful in establishing its presence.

What is the Total Number of Mellow Mushroom Restaurants in the United States?

As of February 1, 2024, there are 172 Mellow Mushroom restaurants across the United States. Georgia has the highest number of Mellow Mushroom locations, with 44 restaurants. This means Georgia has about 28% of all the Mellow Mushroom restaurants in the country.


So, Georgia has the most Mellow Mushroom restaurants, making it a significant hub for this pizza chain in the U.S. Mellow Mushroom has become synonymous with pizza and is one of the critical US restaurant chains with a wide meridian. They have made sure to set it up in 139 cities, from the main urban centers and the suburbs being covered by this broad range of townships in the country. Due to these convenient locations, Mellow Mushroom enthusiasts and food lovers can enjoy the brand’s offerings for a weekend brunch or a family dinner.

These cities are settled nationally in 17 states and territories, validating their footprints. Virtually every one of the numerous cities in the USA where Mellow Mushroom restaurants are located testifies to the authenticity of the chain. We now count not each store in each city, state, and territory that we are acquiring, but we have arrived at a total of 172 Mellow Mushroom restaurants. This number implies that the chain has a few popular & widespread, and thus, it is famous across the different regions. Mellow Mushrooms occupies many shops, which points to the successful conception and marketing of the brand, the popularity among customers, and the provision of a varied menu.

Location-Wise Analysis of Mellow Mushroom in the United States


Mellow Mushroom currently has a strong presence in the USA. From Georgia, with 44 locations where everything has started, it rapidly began to spread to all the states where it has been doing great. The brand has spread very well in the Southeast states of Florida, with 21 locations, and North Carolina, with 19 locations, among the regional enthusiasts that give the brand the cultural fit in this area of the home. Moreover, Mellow Mushroom has branched into several Western States, such as California, Colorado, and Texas, by setting up major urban centers catering to diverse markets that enjoy its somewhat ‘community’ style with its unique menu offerings.

As far as suburban areas are concerned, Mellow Mushroom outlets are to be found, giving local families a culinary option to dine out. Nevertheless, this chain mainly appears in urban areas where the higher population density and different dining preferences for pizza make the chain unfit for upscale fast food.

States and Territories Without Any Mellow Mushroom Restaurants

The existence of the 39 states without Mellow Mushroom restaurants shows the possibility of the brand growing and spreading the phenomenon in the broader area. Additionally, it proves that a substantial part of the country’s population has never been able to sample Mellow Mushroom’s trademark pizzas and teaser-for-the-eyes décor. States, represented by green arrows, may become Mellow Mushroom’s future markets. Here, the brand may offer its concept and attract more loyal customers.

Analyzing Mellow Mushroom Locations in the US

Mellow Mushroom’s regional strategy favors urban and urban-edge locales over rural ones. As trendsetters, metros that appeal to the young and enthusiastic are more likely to accommodate Mellow Mushroom, a brand popular among those who appreciate the unique experience.



Georgia boasts the highest number of Mellow Mushroom restaurants, with 44 locations.
This number represents 28% of all Mellow Mushroom restaurants in the US, which is quite significant. Considering Georgia’s population of approximately 10.7 million people, there is a higher density of Mellow Mushroom restaurants. Specifically, there’s one restaurant for every 241,295 people. This suggests that Mellow Mushroom is quite popular and well-established in Georgia, serving a relatively large portion of the population.


Florida has 21 Mellow Mushroom restaurants, which is 13% of the total number in the US.
With Florida’s larger population of about 21.5 million people, Mellow Mushroom restaurants’ density is lower than Georgia’s. In Florida, there is one Mellow Mushroom restaurant for every 1,022,762 people. This means that while Mellow Mushroom has a presence in Florida, it is spread out more thinly across the state compared to Georgia.

North Carolina:

North Carolina has 19 Mellow Mushroom restaurants, making up 12% of the total.
With a population of around 10.5 million, North Carolina is similar in size to Georgia but has fewer Mellow Mushroom locations. The density in North Carolina is one Mellow Mushroom restaurant for every 552,000 people, which is higher than in Florida but lower than in Georgia.

Cities with Highest Mellow Mushroom Restaurants in the United States

The site is taken by Atlanta, Georgia, with 6 locations of Mellow Mushroom located in the city. Following the creation of the Mellow Mushroom brand in Atlanta, the city’s residents not only adopted the name but also patronized the pizza chain. Thus, visitors alike, making it a go-to spot. As the brand operates in many Atlanta locations, it is a clear sign that it is deeply rooted in the city’s thrilling food culture. At the same time, it can serve different wants and preferences of the people.


At this point, Marietta, Georgia, is the next city with 4 Mellow Mushroom franchises. Additionally, the Marietta location puts a chance on our side as it is near Atlanta, and on its own, it’s another hot spot for our brand. The franchisor establishes 4 restaurants in Marietta, serving a significant number of its clients, spicing it up with Mellow Mushroom signature dishes and creating a mild ambiance. The following places are Anderson and Huntsville stands with 2 of their restaurants. Instead, they are chosen to represent the Mellow Mushroom brand in Alabama because this state has local residents who are satisfied with the food and experience this restaurant offers. Whether it’s the pizzas fondly cherished by the residents or the chilled-out feel of the place, this has remained the defining feature of Mellow Mushroom’s success in these cities. In Florida, Jax, and Orlando, a significant number of brand stores can be found in the exact locations. These cities that are famous for tourism and always busy with locals are good places to establish the business because the customer base will comprise locals from the surrounding areas and tourists from varied parts of the world. The fact that the Mellow Mushroom is founded in both cities will make it possible for the locals to have their favorite dishes delivered. It does not matter whether they are visiting or just looking for an experience. In addition to Triangle’s Raleigh and Wilmington, with 2 Mellow Mushroom restaurants in each, we have added the amazing pizza restaurant in Orlando, Florida, known as Big D’s Diner. These cities serve as the new provision for the expanding brand within the state for those who love food and admire the fresh, unique tastes and variety Mellow Mushroom offers.

The presence of various locales across North Carolina emphasizes the brand’s expansive nature and the consequential growth in the customer base in that region. In addition, 2 Mellow Mushroom restaurants are located in Pigeon Forge and Chattanooga, each in Tennessee. The cities in these places are famous for their picturesque beauty and tourist destinations; Mellow Mushroom is open to its residents as well as its guests, who get the chance to see the work of art or drink iced tea or a big slice of its pizza. This is ostensibly a doing of serving its branding ventures by adapting and winning the 2 locations in each city differently, representing different parts of the state that hold the conditions for the market.
These cities have the highest number of Mellow Mushroom restaurants in the USA. This proves the success of the brand’s expansion strategy, which built strong customer demand and widened food preference.


Mellow Mushroom has become the most liked pizza by the people, and it accomplishes the world’s high presence by setting up restaurants in diverse states and territories of the region. This revelation demonstrates the fact that although the brand may be leading in brand recognition, market share, or innovation, it can still be popular in other significant states or regions. Crossing the borders of a country promotes the idea that this brand is not only a business operating in one state; in addition, it’s providing the requested goods by customers from other states. Although the Mellow Mushroom brand has maintained high business in the South and West, it still faces difficulties in the Northeast. In markets of New York City and Philadelphia, both of which are universal pizza chains ranging from local to regional, the opportunity space is relatively small for Mellow Mushroom to acquire a sizable share. Mellow Mushroom faces different competitors and a diverse range of dining experiences in the Northeast. This means that Mellow Mushroom needs to be able to make changes to its marketing and sales strategy to compete effectively in this area.