Wendy’s is a popular fast-food restaurant chain known for its hamburgers. It’s the third most significant hamburger place in the U.S., after McDonald’s and Burger King. The first Wendy’s opened in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, by Dave Thomas. He wanted to serve good-quality food that was also fast and affordable. Since then, Wendy’s has grown a lot and has many different foods, like salads, chicken sandwiches, and their famous Frosty dessert.

Customer reviews are essential for businesses today. So, we’re looking at what people are saying about Wendy’s in Houston on Google. This research will tell you about the ratings and comments for Wendy’s in the area. We used an advanced tool to collect data from Google reviews. We checked out nearly 40,000 reviews for all 46 Wendy’s store locations in Houston.

Observing these reviews, we can understand what customers think and what drives them away from Wendy’s in Houston. From here, we can recognize which areas they excel at and determine which areas they need to tweak. It also reflects Wendy’s attention to enhancing the customer experience.

Customer Sentiment Analysis About Wendy’s in Houston


Sentiment analysis looks at reviews to see if they’re positive, negative, or neutral. Businesses like Wendy’s can quickly find out what customers think without reading each review by using this on Google reviews.

For example, this analysis can show whether customers like Wendy’s food and service or have issues. It helps Wendy’s better understand their customers and see what they need to work on. It’s like a quick way to understand the overall feelings customers have about Wendy’s in Houston.

How People Feel About Wendy’s in Houston

In Houston, most people either like Wendy’s or don’t have strong feelings. They enjoy the food and service or find it okay. There are only a few people who didn’t like their experience at Wendy’s. So, overall, Wendy’s is doing an excellent job of making customers in Houston happy.

Most reviews for Wendy’s in Houston are positive, with about 8,940 being neutral. This means people didn’t have a wrong time but weren’t unhappy.

These neutral reviews suggest that Wendy’s is doing a decent job but isn’t impressing people. They’re meeting basic expectations but not much more.

Surprisingly, there are very few bad reviews, only 289. This tells us that most people think Wendy’s is okay or like it, with only a small group not happy with their experience.

How Customers Feel About Wendy’s in Houston Based on Ratings

Looking at how people feel about Wendy’s in Houston gives us a clear view of customer opinions across different ratings.

The data shows that most customers have had good experiences, especially those who gave high ratings. Even in the lower rating categories, there are positive reviews. This means that even when customers weren’t completely satisfied, they still found some good things about their experience at Wendy’s.

Overall, this suggests that Wendy’s in Houston is generally doing a good job, and even when things aren’t perfect, they still manage to make customers happy with some aspects of their service or food. Some people said good things even in the one and two-star ratings for Wendy’s. This means they found something they liked, even if they had some issues.

Bad reviews are everywhere but less common in higher ratings. But it’s strange to see bad comments in the 5-star ratings. This might be because people made mistakes or had both good and bad experiences.

Sentiment Analysis Towards Wendy’s in Houston Over the Past Years

In the last seven years, Wendy’s in Houston has seen a number of changes in the attitudes of its patrons. The majority of consumers have left good reviews, indicating a generally solid position in the market, according to a review analysis of the data.

After seeing a decrease in positive reviews in 2021 and 2022, Wendy’s returned with better feedback in 2023. This improvement suggests that Wendy’s might have taken some actions to improve their service or food quality, making customers happier.


When we look at the times when negative reviews were high, like in 2017 and 2022, it’s essential to dig deeper. These spikes in negative feedback could be due to specific issues like slow service, mistakes with orders, or changes to the menu that customers didn’t enjoy. By understanding what caused these negative reviews, Wendy’s can focus on fixing those problems. This will allow them to continue to improve and offer a better experience for their customers in the future.

How Customers Feel About Wendy’s Hamburgers in Houston

The hamburgers are a favorite at Wendy’s in Houston, with a high 74.32% of customers giving them positive reviews. This is a vital sign that people enjoy and are happy with Wendy’s burgers. This high satisfaction level suggests that Wendy’s hamburgers are not just popular but also meet customers’ expectations in terms of taste, quality, and overall experience. It shows that Wendy’s is doing great with one of its crucial menu items, keeping customers returning for more.

Baconators and Salads are well-liked at Wendy’s, with 73.90% and 72.4% of customers giving them positive reviews. This shows that people enjoy these menu items and are generally satisfied with their taste and quality. On the other hand, the Sandwich and Nuggets have a higher percentage of negative reviews, at 45.71% and 44.25%, respectively. This suggests that some customers may not be as happy with these items, possibly due to issues like taste, quality, or value.

What’s interesting is the contrast between the negative sentiment for Nuggets and the positive reviews for Salads. This difference could mean that customers have different expectations or experiences with these two items. For example, some might prefer healthier options like Salads, while others might have specific issues with the Nuggets, such as taste or portion size.

Understanding these differences in customer feedback can help Wendy’s identify areas for improvement and better meet customer expectations across all menu items.

Analysis of Wendy’s in Houston Leveraging Google reviews

When looking at Wendy’s Google reviews, it’s interesting to see where Wendy’s is most liked. While Wendy’s is well-liked all over the U.S., Houston stands out as having the most Wendy’s stores, with a total of 46 locations.

Rating and Review Analysis of Wendy’s in Houston


The information gathered from Google reviews of Wendy’s restaurants in Houston is elaborated below. There are more positive reviews than negative reviews due to the ratings distribution’s rightward tilt. This indicates that consumers are typically happy with their experience, which is excellent news for Wendy’s.
Some ratings for Wendy’s are lower than the rest, like the 2-star rating with 2,444 reviews. This shows that there’s a group of customers who aren’t happy with Wendy’s and are sharing their reviews and suggestions. Reading these reviews to understand their concerns and see where Wendy’s could do better would be helpful.

Most Reviewed Wendy’s in Houston


Now, let’s examine the Wendy’s store locations that have received the most reviews. The Wendy’s at 210 Patton St. has the highest number of reviews, with 869. Close behind is the Wendy’s at 10780 Westheimer Rd. with 798 reviews. Notably, these top two locations are in central Houston, while the other three are farther apart. This hints that more people might want Wendy’s in the downtown area due to people’s preferences.

Wendy’s Ratings and Reviews Trend in Houston Over Time

Looking at Wendy’s reviews and ratings over the years gives us a broader understanding of the preferences and views of customers. It shows us trends and patterns that can help make crucial decisions. Here’s what we discovered:


Looking at Wendy’s customer reviews in Houston over the years, they have been significantly enhanced. There were 606 reviews in 2017, but by 2023, that number went up to 9,158. That’s a massive 14-times increase in online feedback. What’s curious is that the rapid growth in reviews slowed down after 2020.

From 2021 to 2023, there were almost twice as many reviews for Wendy’s in Houston. This means many more people were interested in Wendy’s or leaving reviews online. This shows that more customers visit Wendy’s or discuss their experiences online. This increase in reviews is a good sign, showing that more people are interested in Wendy’s in Houston during this time.

Wendy’s Ratings in Houston Over Time

Wendy’s ratings in Houston have primarily increased over the years, from 3.23 in 2017 to 3.88 in 2020. This means customers were happy with Wendy’s during this time. But in the last two years, the ratings dropped slightly to 3.61 in 2023.


A few reasons could be behind this drop. There are more restaurants now so people might be trying different places. Also, Wendy’s service or menu changes might have affected how customers feel.
Even with this slight drop, Wendy’s ratings are still steady. This shows that most customers still like Wendy’s and have a good experience there, even if there are some areas to work on. The steady ratings, alongside the growing number of reviews, make a highlighting mix. This shows that while people still like Wendy’s in Houston, more and more are talking about it or visiting.

Final Thoughts on Wendy’s Reviews in Houston

We examine Wendy’s reviews in Houston. This helped us understand how important online reviews are for businesses like Wendy’s. Reading reviews can help businesses gain insight into what customers like and dislike. For instance, it can reveal the meals that individuals like and dislike the most.

LocationsCloud is a tool that makes it easy for companies to get and study online reviews. It saves time and helps gather important information. If a company has a lot of data and is seeking extensive assistance, LocationsCloud can also do that. This kind of information helps companies understand what customers want and how to improve.