Web Scraping is Used to Analyze Restaurants in TripAdvisor for Top 10 US Cities

Travelers and casual eaters equally rely on TripAdvisor for hotel and restaurant reviews. They’ve also worked with firms like OpenTable, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Deliveroo to let consumers’ book reservations and purchase food online. We evaluated TripAdvisor data from the Top 10 most populous US cities – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and San Jose – for this TripAdvisor restaurant data analysis.

Here are some restaurant recommendations from TripAdvisor in these cities.

  • The city with the most restaurants listed on TripAdvisor is New York, with 15,000.
  • American food is the most popular among restaurant patrons (10.9K)
  • The city with the highest percentage of five-star restaurants in Los Angeles.
  • Among non-chain eateries, Ellen’s Stardust Diner (19.4K) has the most reviews.
  • The majority of restaurants are in the mid-range pricing level (17K)

Which US City has the Maximum Number of Restaurants?

On TripAdvisor, these cities have a total of 64,221 restaurants, with New York topping the list with 15,087 eateries. Having 13.4K and 8.4K eateries, respectively, Los Angeles and Chicago come in second and third.

The website lists 128 different cuisines, and it’s no surprise that American cuisine is now the most famous, with 10.9K eateries offering it. Restaurants in Mexico (5.2K) and Asia (4.2K) are in second and third position, respectively. This is unsurprising given the ethnic diversity of the main cities.

While New York has the most restaurants per capita for most cuisines, it comes in sixth place for Mexican cuisine. The top three cities with the most Mexican restaurants are all in the west and south, with Los Angeles leading the pack with 1.1K establishments, followed by Houston (795) and San Antonio (758) all in Texas.

Which Cities in the US Possess Highest Rated Restaurants?

A set of graphs below depict the breakdown of restaurants in each city based on their customer-assigned rating.

Ratings are the most important variables among users when determining where to eat, especially when they are in a new region or assessing new restaurants to try, according to our TripAdvisor restaurant data study.

Users have given Los Angeles the largest number of five-star restaurants, followed by New York. Los Angeles also boasts the highest proportion of two- and three-star restaurants.

The majority of restaurants with user ratings of 4 and 4.5 are in New York.

Which are the Cities with Maximum 1-star Restaurants?

Chicago has the unenviable task of having a higher percentage of one-star eateries.

Which is the Most Rated Restaurant in the US?

Fast food places received the most evaluations, although Ellen’s Stardust Diner in New York topped the list of non-chain eateries with 19.4K reviews.

Katz’s Deli (15.4K) and Carmine’s Italian Restaurant (11K) are the second and third most popular restaurants in New York, respectively.

TripAdvisor’s Entry into Online Meal Ordering and Restaurant Reservations

TripAdvisor has teamed with OpenTable to allow customers to book tables at restaurants straight from their website, ensuring that consumers do not leave the site. This service is being gradually expanded out and is presently accessible at 3.8K restaurants across these cities, with New York accounting for more than 40% of them.

TripAdvisor now works with firms like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Deliveroo to provide online ordering options. 15.4K restaurants provide this service, with New York accounting for about 30% of them, making it the city with the most.

The following graphs indicate the percentage of restaurants that accept online reservations and bookings via TripAdvisor:

How Costly are the Restaurants in the Top US Cities?

According to our analysis of TripAdvisor restaurant data, a huge number of restaurants are not classified into any cost ranges and those that fall into three categories: mid-range (17K), inexpensive meals (6.6K), and fine dining (1.4K).

In all three categories, New York has the most restaurants.

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