Number of Toyota Dealers in the United States

According to reports, there are 1,277 Toyota Dealers locations in 52 states and territories of the United States. The highest number of Toyota Dealers locations in the US are in California and Houston with 135 locations and 6 stores, respectively. California makes up approximately 11% of all Toyota Dealers locations in the United States.

Data updated on April 02, 2024

How Many Toyota Dealers are Present in the USA?

Toyota Motor Corporation is a largest automotive manufacturer in the world with multiple parent companies and multiple subsidiaries like Daihatsu, Denso, etc. The total number of Toyota Motor stores in the US are 1277 and its graphical representation is shown in map.

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Toyota Dealership Locations in the USA

Top 10 States & Territories with the Highest Number of Toyota Dealers

135 (11%)
In California, there is one Dealers for every 292,681 people, accounting for approximately 11% of all Toyota Dealers locations.
87 (7%)

In Texas, there is one Dealers for every 333,287 people, accounting for approximately 7% of all Toyota Dealers locations.

62 (5%)
New York
In New York, there is one Dealers for every 313,774 people, accounting for approximately 5% of all Toyota Dealers locations.
State / Territory Number of dealerships Population Population per dealership
California 135 (11%) 39.51M 292.68K
Texas 87 (7%) 29.00M 333.29K
New York 62 (5%) 19.45M 313.77K
Florida 60 (5%) 21.48M 357.97K
Pennsylvania 58 (5%) 12.80M 220.72K
Illinois 47 (4%) 12.67M 269.62K
Ohio 46 (4%) 11.69M 254.11K
North Carolina 40 (3%) 10.49M 262.20K
Virginia 37 (3%) 8.54M 230.70K
Massachusetts 37 (3%) 6.89M 186.30K
*Toyota Dealers operates in 54 States and Territories across the United States.

Which States and Territories Don't Have Toyota Dealers?

These are states and territories list without any Toyota Dealers location:
  • District of Columbia
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
*There are 4 states and territories in the USA where Toyota Dealers are not present.

Top Cities with the Most Toyota Dealers Outlets in the United States

City State / Territory Number of Locations
Houston Texas 6
San Antonio Texas 5
Chicago Illinois 4
Dallas Texas 4
Jacksonville Florida 4
San Juan Puerto Rico 4
Las Vegas Nevada 3
Cincinnati Ohio 3
Columbus Ohio 3
Tampa Florida 3

Toyota's Competitors Analysis: 5 Major Competitors

Number of locations Number of States Number of cities
Toyota   vs   Chevrolet 2,899 (+1,622 locations than Toyota) 53 (+1 states than Toyota) 2,271 (+1,203 cities than Toyota)
Toyota   vs   Ford 2,892 (+1,615 locations than Toyota) 50 ( -2 states than Toyota) 2,265 (+1,197 cities than Toyota)
Toyota   vs   Ram Trucks 2,458 (+1,181 locations than Toyota) 51 ( -1 states than Toyota) 1,920 (+852 cities than Toyota)
Toyota   vs   Dodge 2,413 (+1,136 locations than Toyota) 51 ( -1 states than Toyota) 1,916 (+848 cities than Toyota)
Toyota   vs   Jeep 2,413 (+1,136 locations than Toyota) 50 ( -2 states than Toyota) 1,910 (+842 cities than Toyota)
You can download the complete list of Toyota Dealers locations used in this analysis from our data store. Here’s a sample of 10 records for you to review the fields and data that we provide.

Comparative Analysis Between Toyota Vs Others

If you’re interested in receiving a comprehensive report of a comparison of Toyota Dealers with other companies, please get in touch with us.

Download the Complete Database of Toyota Dealers Locations Across the USA

You can download the complete list of Toyota Dealers locations used in this analysis from our data store. Here’s a sample of 10 records for you to review the fields and data that we provide.
Name Street City State / Territory Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Country Last Updated Date
Freeway Toyota Of Hanford 1835 Glendale Avenue Hanford CA 93230 559-587-3500 36.319946 -119.675953 1835 Glendale Avenue, Hanford, CA, 93230 USA 2024-04-02
Toyota Salinas 700 Auto Center Circle Salinas CA 93907 831-444-0700 36.717533 -121.662462 700 Auto Center Circle, Salinas, CA, 93907 USA 2024-04-02
Larry H. Miller Toyota Corona 1700 West 6th Street Corona CA 92882 951-734-6020 33.878384 -117.599106 1700 West 6th Street, Corona, CA, 92882 USA 2024-04-02
Lodi Toyota 1020 S Beckman Road Lodi CA 95240 209-367-6500 38.121242 -121.256234 1020 S Beckman Road, Lodi, CA, 95240 USA 2024-04-02
Corwin Toyota Boulder 2465 48th Court Boulder CO 80301 303-443-3250 40.023133 -105.241702 2465 48th Court, Boulder, CO, 80301 USA 2024-04-02
Mcdonald Toyota 4732 West 26th Street Greeley CO 80634 970-339-3900 40.395089 -104.757691 4732 West 26th Street, Greeley, CO, 80634 USA 2024-04-02
Sarasota Toyota 7435 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231 941-924-7700 27.247314 -82.51167 7435 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL, 34231 USA 2024-04-02
Beaver Toyota Of Cumming 1875 Buford Highway Cumming GA 30041 470-533-2000 34.16044 -84.111205 1875 Buford Highway, Cumming, GA, 30041 USA 2024-04-02
Hutchinson Toyota Of Albany 2865 Ledo Road Albany GA 31707 229-436-7751 31.623555 -84.216159 2865 Ledo Road, Albany, GA, 31707 USA 2024-04-02
Orr Toyota 1745 Janet Drive Searcy AR 72143 501-281-4620 35.232014 -91.707216 1745 Janet Drive, Searcy, AR, 72143 USA 2024-04-02

* Open hours are not displayed here as it is too big to show on a reasonably sized screen.

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