The high-tech market of B2B data service providers is expanding rapidly in this modern market. However, with that, it becomes equally important for businesses to choose the best service providers from the various players available in the market. They determine the best service provider based on different criteria like rate of data updates and analysis, data extraction size, market segment, pricing plans of service providers, and the number of credits. Gartner, a research company, found that businesses lose about $15 million every year because their B2B data isn’t good enough. LinkedIn also says that almost 30% of business data gets old each year.

What is a B2B Data Provider?

A B2B data provider is a service provider that helps other businesses by giving them essential information. They gather, sort, and study data about different industries, markets, or specific business interests. This data can be about things like who the customers are, what’s trending in the market, how much stuff is being sold, and more. Businesses use this info to make smart choices, plan their marketing, make their products or services better, and understand the people they’re trying to reach.

Why Do Businesses Need B2B Data Providers?

Businesses need B2B data providers because they offer excellent information about customers. This information is accurate, dependable, and provides a complete picture of who your consumers are. This type of data allows you to make more informed business decisions and better understand your competition.

Here are some important reasons why teaming up with a B2B data provider is helpful:

  • Making better decisions based on data
  • Finding new chances to grow your business
  • Saving money and time
  • Getting more sales by understanding your customers better
  • Making your business run smoother and get better results
  • B2B data providers create unique databases for sales and marketing campaigns.

What are the Factors to Consider While Hiring B2B Data Providers?

Many businesses work with data solution providers to efficiently gather consumer information for analysis and assessment. These providers personalize their services to meet the specific needs of sales and marketing activities.


For this reason, choosing the best data service provider is essential to your company’s success. The following factors should be considered when selecting a B2B data provider:

Know What You Need:

Before looking for a company that provides business data, figure out exactly what kind of information you require. By selecting the best data provider, you can get data about specific industries, contact details, or details about companies.

Check Data Quality:

Make sure the data you get is of good quality. Inaccurate data may lead you to lose money and time, as well as cause your marketing campaigns to fail. Seek for suppliers who verify and sanitize their data to make sure it is correct and current.

Accuracy Matters:

Accurate and complete data is crucial for your marketing campaigns. Make sure the provider you choose keeps its data accurate by regularly updating it with the latest information.

Target Your Audience:

A good data provider should let you select specific groups of people to target for your marketing. This could be based on their industry, job title, or location.

Know Where the Data Comes From:

Find out where the data comes from and how it’s collected. Reliable sources like business directories and public records are best. Knowing this helps you trust that the data is gathered ethically and legally.

Keep Your Data Safe:

Make sure the company you choose to get data from takes data privacy and security seriously. They should have measures in place to protect your information from being accessed or used without permission.

Consider Cost and Growth:

Consider your budget and the provider’s ability to expand with your company. You desire a supplier who can accommodate your growing business needs while staying within your budget.

Good Customer Support Matters:

It’s important to have someone you can reach out to if you have questions or run into problems. Check if the provider offers good customer support and if they assign you a dedicated account manager.

Integration is Key:

Make sure the data you get works smoothly with the tools and systems you already use. It should be easy to integrate into your existing software, such as your CRM or marketing tools.

Check Their Reputation:

Look into the company’s reputation and track record. You want to work with a provider with a history of delivering good quality data and keeping their customers happy.

Learn from Success Stories:

Go through success stories from other businesses that have used the data provider’s services. This can give you an idea of how effective their data solutions are in real-world situations.

Compare Providers:

Make a chart to compare different data providers based on the factors mentioned above. This will help you see which one offers the best fit for your needs.

What Are The Top Data Providers for Getting Accurate Contact Data?

We have compiled the most accurate data providers that ensure accurate data delivery by understanding their capabilities and key features.


LocationsCloud is one of the best service providers for delivering location data based on the selected regions. It offers extensive datasets of different locations with details on the required place. This can be your number-one option if you want detailed data about a specific location to ensure compliance.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data

  • Get accurate and real-time location datasets
  • Customized data format
  • Perform competitive analysis within the platform
  • Access POI datasets
  • Diverse data available on industries and specific location


Cognism is the greatest source of reliable, current, and high-quality B2B data. Using precise B2B data, Cognism is a sales intelligence tool that assists revenue teams in increasing sales. The data includes email addresses, phone numbers, and contextual data about the firm, such as technographic data, sales event triggers, and event data. It is compatible with corporate websites like Salesforce and Outreach, LinkedIn, and Sales Navigator.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • There is an online app for Cognism.
  • The Chrome Extension for Cognism.
  • It offers extensive integration facilities.
  • Global contact database that is accurate and current.
  • Phone numbers for cell phones that have been validated by phone.
  • Sales teams may be equipped with accurate mobile numbers (87% accuracy) due to DiamondData┬«.
  • The most significant coverage for mobile phone numbers in the US is two times greater than that of other carriers.
  • Alerts for sales triggers and advanced contextual data elements.
  • All packages include integration tools for sales engagement and CRM.
  • Page-level exporting and unrestricted views.


With Kaspr, sales representatives can quickly locate business-to-business contact information and establish outreach campaigns on LinkedIn.You can obtain emails, phone numbers, and the relevant data you need to turn leads into ongoing relations with this database provider.

Top features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Up-to-date, precise contact information.
  • LinkedIn data augmentation for B2B lists.
  • LinkedIn outreach procedures that are automated.
  • Take the lead in management.
  • GDPR compliant with CCPA.
  • Chrome addon.


Clearbit is a data provider that prioritizes marketing. It allows sales representatives to access firmographic and technographic information on prospects they wish to contact. Some consumers have noted a lack of customizations. This data provider does not scrub against US and European DNC lists.

Best features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • A free account option.
  • Outreach that is intent-based.
  • Email and domain enhancement.
  • Features of audience segmentation.


Adapt is a provider of business-to-business databases that lets you identify the most crucial details about your potential clients, enhance existing documents, and customize your outreach efforts.
The tool’s status regarding GDPR compliance is unknown, as it does not include intent data. Moreover, a limited amount of contact data is available, and some users find it difficult to understand.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Industry-grade filtration.
  • CRM enhancement.
  • Integration with LinkedIn.


Ampliz provides organizations aiming at the healthcare industry with up-to-date and precise data to support their sales funnels. Despite being a US-based data supplier, it has a strong emphasis on the APAC region.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Large database of leads in healthcare.
  • Manually checked the information.
  • GDPR-compliant


Datanyze maintains a database of about 120 million contacts, which includes 84 million email addresses and 48 million contact information. Compared to more refined services, Datanyze provides less contact information but no advanced firmographic data. While exploring LinkedIn, you can utilize Datanyze to obtain information on a potential customer. Their phone number, email address, and basic details are all available. The platform’s credit limit-based pricing structure might be bulky for many sales teams with a high lead volume. Ten credits are available each month with the free plan.

Key features

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Email addresses and direct call details.
  • Easy prospect segmentation.
  • Chrome addon from Google.
  • Regulation of the CCPA and GDPR
  • Up-to-date data on technological categories
  • A comprehensive dashboard with an easy-to-use interface
  • If erroneous data is found, a refund is issued.


Demandbase is a corporate data provider that assists teams in gathering contact details and enhancing existing databases for AI-powered account-based marketing campaigns. For marketers, the data cleaning management services come in quite helpful. One drawback of this approach is that it might get pricey because extra fees are required to add capabilities like personalization and B2B data.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Integration with widely used CRM platforms.
  • Get Data with intents.
  • Identification of the account.
  • Intelligence and cloud technologies
  • Calculator for target account list
  • Simple to set up


In the USA, ZoomInfo is just one of the numerous data sources. Its algorithms instantly compile data from millions of sources. Zoominfo offers talent management, operations, sales, and marketing platforms.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Integration of marketing technology
  • Synchronizing contacts in the CRM
  • Accurate modeling
  • Monitoring of website visitors
  • Multi-channel marketing


Lead411 is a US-based data provider that offers precise and authenticated account and contact details for generating leads. Sales representatives may use it to explore in-market prospects, actively seek a solution online, and obtain general prospect information. But, consumers note a lack of data from the EU, APAC, and LATAM.

Best features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Alerts in real-time.
  • Chrome addon.
  • Filters that may be customized.


Owler is a company with a big network of more than 3.5 million business people. They connect with their members every month to understand their businesses, projects, employees, and how they work. This data helps them make real-time databases that can be helpful for sales and marketing teams for their campaigns.

Key features:

The following are the important features that help in easy accessibility of data:

  • Tools to help with work
  • An automatic platform
  • Signals that help with sales
  • Profiles for 15 million companies
  • Half a million gifts every month


With all the new data and tools available nowadays, people in marketing and sales have more chances to find and take advantage of new potential customers. Whether it is finding new customers or sending them a personalized message, data can help you do it all. The right B2B data providers like LocationsCloud ensure you have all the data you need to get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts and make the most money from your investments.