Which Are The Top 10 Grocery Chains In The USA In 2021?


Based on the number of locations, Walmart, Kroger Company, and Kroger are the major supermarket chains in the United States in 2021. With 4,669 sites in 52 states and territories, Walmart has the most locations. In the United States, Kroger Company has 3,001 stores and Kroger has 1,354 locations. These three companies account for 59.3% of the top ten grocery stores in the United States.

Provider Number of locations Number of states and territories Number of cities
Walmart 4,669 52 2,547
Kroger Company 3001 39 1215
Kroger 1,354 18 592
Publix 1,330 7 412
Food Lion 1,107 10 567
Save A Lot 997 32 650
Safeway Inc. 900 18 492
IGA 780 41 672
Southeastern Grocers 581 5 246
Shiloh Farms 578 42 430

Which Are The Top Grocery Chains In Every State And Territory In The United States?

Based on the number of locations, Walmart is the most popular grocery chain in 14 of the United States’ 56 states and territories. However, Kroger Company is the most popular grocery store in 13 states and territories, while Food Lion is the most popular in four.

Map Of Top Grocery Chain In Every State And Territory In The United States In 2021?


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