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Every coffee lover’s dream comes true when they visit Tim Hortons. Coffee-It’s easier to picture life with coffee, whether rushing to grab a skinny latte after spin class or bringing your own mug to the office daily. 100% Arabica coffee beans from across the globe are available at Tim Hortons from renowned Canadian roasters.

1. Stats about Canadian Coffee

Canada is known for its high coffee consumption, probably due to its chilly weather, with temperatures dropping below -20°C. In such crazy temperatures, a cup of nice warm coffee is a must-have! Chilly mornings are incomplete without a strong, dark golden, aromatic brew.

Coffee has a special place for the country’s citizens. In fact, Canada is the only non-European country ranked among the top 10 coffee-drinking nations. The following are some vital statistics about coffee consumption in Canada.

  • Canadians are reported to consume more coffee than water.
  • The Canada Food Guide has listed coffee as one of the top four “healthy drink options.”
  • The average Canadian coffee drinker is reported to consume around 2-3 cups of coffee every day.
  • Tim Hortons, Canada’s favorite coffee-serving restaurant chain, has made more than $6.5 billion in sales, a stark increase from last year’s $1.1 billion.
  • Each year, Tim Hortons serves around 2 billion coffees alongside 500 million donuts.
  • According to another report, about 1 in every 7,200 Canadians resides near at least one of the country’s 5,200 Tim Hortons restaurant locations.

2. The number of Tim Horton locations in Canada in 2023

Canada has 3,577 Tim Hortons stores as of March 27, 2023. Out of all its provinces, Ontario has the highest number of Tim Hortons locations, with 1,804 restaurant outlets. This alone makes up nearly 50% of all the brand’s stores in Canada. Likewise, Tim Hortons has a presence across 13 Canadian provinces and territories and in 627 cities.

With 1,804 stores in Ontario, there is a restaurant location for every 8,008 Canadians. After Ontario, Quebec is the second-highest province in Tim Hortons locations, home to 563 stores. It makes up about 16% of total Tim Hortons stores and equals one outlet for every 14,979 people in the province.

It is the third-highest Canadian province in terms of the most number of Tim Hortons stores in Alberta, with 391 locations. Alberta has a store for every 11,115 residents, and the province houses 11% of the total restaurant locations of the most-demanding coffee server.

3. The different facts about Tim Hortons locations

Tim Hortons has realized that the value of reliable, old coffee is priceless and way more comforting for Canadians than fancy menu additions. Therefore, the company is putting more effort into improving its core products and services instead of venturing into other segments and new items.

Do you know that only three people know the right blend and fingerprint of Tim Hortons coffee? Also, were you aware that the first Tim Hortons outlet was opened under Tim Horton Do-Nut? And interestingly, nearly 36% of Tim Hortons consumers buy their coffee to enjoy a warm sip in the afternoon. We have more exciting, less-known facts about Tim Hortons. Read on while enjoying a cup of hot Tim Hortons brew!

  • Tim Hortons’ gross sales in 2021 were $8.2 billion.
  • The first Tim Hortons store was opened in April 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, and was named Tim Horton Do-Nut.
  • 8 out of 10 coffees sold in Canada are from Tim Hortons.
  • Back in 1964, a Tim Hortons coffee cost $0.10.
  • Sadly, Tim Horton died in a car accident in St. Catharines on February 21, 1974, at 44.
  • At the time when Tim Hortons died, 35 restaurant locations focused on selling chicken, hamburgers, and ice cream.
  • Timbits, a bite-sized dough confectionery exclusively sold at Tim Hortons, was first introduced in 1976.
  • In 2009, Tim Hortons operated more than 3,000 outlets in Canada alone and another 600 in the United States.
  • Unfortunately, 350+ Tim Hortons employees lost their jobs when 3G Capital ruled over the coffee-serving brand. 3G Capital is a Brazilian food chain owning Burger King. It took over Tim Hortons in 2014.
  • Tim Hortons is the principal revenue source for Restaurant Brands International (RBI), a Canadian multinational fast food holding firm, contributing to 61% of its total sales.
  • Statistics have revealed that up to 92% of Canadians aged 18 to 34 have visited the most-loved Tim Hortons.
  • In 2019, Tim Hortons ranked 33rd on the Reputation Institute’s list of the top 50 most reputable companies in Canada.
  • According to Tim Hortons green tea nutritional facts and figures, it is the safest drink in terms of diet.
  • The afternoon is the busiest time of the day for Tim Hortons, as the average Canadian loves an afternoon brew more.
  • In 2019, the brand replaced its coffee cup lid with an improved one after two years of research and receiving several complaints. Today, the lid is made from 100% recyclable plastic, and the maple leaf on the top adds to its glory.

Now, that was an overdose of interesting facts about your favorite coffee brand. Let’s move on to comparing Canadian and UAE coffee stats.

4. The differences and similarities between Canadian and UAE coffee stats

The UAE spends over 600 million dollars every year on coffee. And from 2021, the UAE coffee market saw a stark 20.6% increase. Following are the differences and similarities between coffee serving styles and trends in Canada vs. the United Arab Emirates.

  • About a quarter of Tim Hortons’ entire menu comprises some pork variety. However, to respect the Muslim community, it does not serve pork dishes in the UAE.
  • The Emiratis pay three times more for “French Vanilla” than Canadians.
  • Apart from pork, the rest of the menu is the same in the two nations, including chicken, fish, and turkey. But the UAE citizens pay 2.5 times more than Canadians for a similar Tim Hortons menu.
  • While the Canadian Tim Hortons menu includes 142 items, comprising 64 different drinks or beverages and 41 food dishes. Contrarily, the UAE menu includes 128 items, comprising 51 drink options and 30 food items.
  • It proves the UAE has about 10% fewer menu items, 20% fewer drink options, and 27% fewer food varieties.
  • The average cost of a drink in Canada is $2.49 Canadian, and for the UAE, the average drink costs $6.94.
  • The UAE Tim Hortons menu prices include all taxes, yet the drinks on their menu are about 246% more pricey than those in Canada.


To conclude, we can notice the growing number of Tim Hortons restaurant locations over the past few years, which are growing exponentially. We have also seen that Canadians and Emiratis enjoy their cups of warm caffeinated brew, despite the menu and price differences between the two nations.

Besides, UAE citizens are probably paying 246% more for their Tim Hortons beverages because it is an international brand there and a local brand in Canada. We hope that the Emiratis expand their Tim Hortons franchise outlets soon in the next few years to enjoy a cup of hot Timmie’s coffee in the lovely morning or afternoon weather.

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