The trustworthiness of companies we recognize and cherish provides a sense of comfort. The security of knowing that whenever you see a brand’s logo, wherever you are on the globe, you can be sure you know exactly what to anticipate from that company. Particularly for fast food brands, this is accurate. Consider McDonald’s and Burger King. Nothing compares to seeing those iconic golden arches or orange burger buns. Whether traveling for business or pleasure and finding yourself in a foreign place, it makes you feel like your home.

Have you ever thought about which restaurant chain has happier customers or the best taste: Burger King or McDonald’s? Analyzing consumer evaluations and ratings for these massive fast-food chains is the most effective approach to learning this information.


In this research report, we will examine the ratings and reviews in the predetermined market scenario of a giant fast-food chain in Orlando.

Quick Analysis

LocationsCloud examined Google user reviews for Burger King and McDonald’s locations in every state and discovered that McDonald’s wins Florida (argue between your thoughts, fast-food fans) and has an average user rating of 3.5 stars in Florida.

In terms of the highest average Google rating throughout the nation, McDonald’s won 19 states plus the District of Columbia, while Burger King won 23 states altogether.

McDonald’s VS Burger King

We will take a detailed look at the conclusions drawn from our examination of 21,408 Burger King reviews and 130,168 McDonald’s reviews in Orlando.

The distribution of various stores in Orlando is necessary to understand the regional differences between the food chains in the market.

There is an assured leader in Orlando’s fast food and restaurant industry by considering the presence. McDonald’s has a remarkable 54 locations, more than twice as many as Burger King, which only has 24. The quantity of client reviews may vary depending on the stores. Burger King gets fewer reviews than McDonald’s as Burger King has fewer restaurants that draw consumers.

The largest McDonald’s restaurant in the world is located in Orlando, which is an intriguing fact. This 19,00 square foot restaurant, situated on International Drive in Orlando, Florida, is obvious why this location comes by the title of Epic McD.

Understanding Reviews and Ratings Trends of McDonald’s vs. Burger King in Orlando

In 2023, Burger King got more one-star reviews than five-star reviews. It has received fewer reviews, with 2, 3, and 4-star ratings. McDonald’s, however, tells a different tale. For McDonald’s, a higher quantity of reviews translated into higher ratings.


This indicates a significant number of happy customers. The majority of evaluations for both products are between three and five stars, indicating that most consumers are satisfied or had a good experience with both. The analysis of reviews and ratings of McDonald’s vs. Burger King in Orlando aid in showcasing the changing trends through the analysis:

Burger King vs. McDonald’s Rating Analysis Over Time in Orlando

According to the rating study, the customer satisfaction trends at Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando have revealed some interesting changes between 2018 and 2023.


The average rating for McDonald’s reviews in 2018 was 3.67, and it remained consistent in 2020. Unexpectedly, the lowest McDonald’s has shifted in the previous six years is 3.67. The brand’s ratings have increased up to 3.72 by 2023.

On the other hand, we have analyzed that Burger King earned the highest rating in 2018 and it has dropped from there. In the previous six years, 2021 had the lowest rating (2.99). Burger King’s ratings have improved in the years that have passed after the 2021 decline.

Burger King vs. McDonald’s Review Analysis Throughout the Time in Orlando

Through this analysis, we will understand the number of reviews throughout the years which shows a level of engagement. Despite variations, McDonald’s has regularly received more reviews, suggesting that a broader range of consumers interact with their preferred brand. Over time, Burger King’s reviews have become better.


According to statistics spanning the previous six years, 2020 saw the highest number of reviews for each of these businesses.

Since then, Burger King’s reviews have only gotten worse. In actuality, 2023 ranks first with the fewest reviews Burger King had since 2018. This also applies to McDonald’s. Despite some swings, there is a general downward tendency from the total number of user reviews received; the lowest number of user reviews in the last six years was received in 2023.

Sentiment Analysis: Burger King vs. McDonald’s in Orlando

Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) approach that plays a very important role in the thorough analysis of competitors. Let’s understand the analysis of Burger King Vs McDonald’s using sentiment analysis.


Sentiment analysis, a text analysis, shows the opinions that users have on a variety of subjects, such as your location, your ads, your competitors, and your goods and services. Sentiment analysis is a helpful method for assessing spoken or written language to ascertain the degree to which a phrase is positive, negative, or neutral. It provides a valuable indication of the customer’s sentiment toward their experience as a result.

Overall Analysis

The sentiment graph for Burger King shows a significant improvement in consumer sentiment between 2017 and 2023. While the negative sentiment has somewhat decreased from 29.59% to 26.24%, the positive feeling has surged dramatically from 11.40% to 56.77%. The sentiment analysis and distribution for Burger King in Orlando shows that 47.63% of customer reviews are positive. It is the major metric of consumer satisfaction, indicating that over half of all Burger King consumers had a positive experience in Orlando. But just a small percentage—11.09% of respondents express unfavorable opinions, pointing out potential areas for development.


At 41.28%, neutral feelings make up a sizable fraction of the responses, suggesting that consumers’ interactions with Burger King typically leave them somewhat ambiguous. By contrast, the reviews for McDonald’s in Orlando are more likely to be favorable, accounting for 64.42% of overall analysis. This suggests that McDonald’s has a high customer approval rating, which may be related to its greater market share and quantity of reviews.

The percentage of reviews with negative sentiment is 23.62%, about twice that of Burger King. Compared to Burger King, neutral sentiment rate is substantially lower with 11.76%, suggesting that a considerable number of consumers had neither good nor bad experiences. Compared to Burger King, the neutral attitude rate is substantially lower at 11.76%, suggesting that a considerable number of consumers had neither good nor bad experiences.

The percentage of favorable reviews increased from 35.49% in 2017 to 63.83% in 2023, indicating a significant improvement in consumer opinion. At 13.21% in 2023, unfavorable sentiment has grown from 12.96% in 2017.

McDonald’s vs. Burger King: A Sentiment Analysis Based on Rating


When it comes to McDonald’s, the in-depth distribution of reviews indicates that the higher ratings have a strong favorable sentiment, with 23,615 user reviews falling into the best category, that is 5-star. It’s interesting to note that there are surprisingly many evaluations in the group of 1-star, with a total 9,764 expressing unfavorable opinions and pointing out problems. But when the ratings rise from one to five stars, the quantity of positive evaluations greatly exceeds that of negative ones.

Due to fewer total evaluations, Burger King’s graph depicts a similar narrative on a separate scale. With a total 2,247 reviews, the 5-star group is considered the most well-reviewed category, indicating significant consumer satisfaction when the top ratings are awarded. 3,827 unfavorable evaluations in the 1-star group suggest that a sizable percentage of users were not happy. In contrast, as was previously observed, McDonald’s has more user reviews across total ratings, representing its bigger customer base.


When comparing the two, McDonald’s has shown a more favorable feeling over time compared to Burger King, which can be due to its larger customer base and market presence. However, Burger King’s sentiment analysis reveals a more notable improvement. This can point towards a robust reaction to consumer input or essential adjustments to their services or product offerings that were well-received by customers.


McDonald’s has a stronger presence in Orlando due to its greater number of locations, which is also reflected in the volume of good customer ratings it has received over time. Despite having fewer outlets and reviews, Burger King shows a considerable improvement in consumer sentiment, suggesting targeted efforts to improve the eating experience.

It is evident that observing consumer sentiment is essential for maintaining market leadership, not simply useful. Businesses may keep ahead of the curve in the never-ending quest for total customer happiness by utilizing solutions provided by LocationsCloud Datasets.