Get Answers of All Your Queries About Locationscloud

Frequently Asked Questions

After Buying, How Will I Get the Data?

Once your order gets processed–normally, in less than one minute–you`ll get the email confirmation including the download link for downloading the CSV files that you have bought.

How Frequently Is Locationscloud Get Updated?

Usually, our data gets updated every 3 months. While browsing our page, you’ll see an “updated” date. In case, you require an “updated minute list”, contact us and we’ll update our data immediately.

How Precise Is Locationscloud?

Our location’s data directly comes from a retailer business locator’s services and therefore, is very accurate. Furthermore, the data is exposed to severe quality control prior to it is made accessible in the catalog, which means that you can rely on our accuracy!

In Which File Format Is Locationscloud?

usually, the data is in the CSV format. The data can be easily imported to excel or other application or database.

Can I Have the Access to All Your Data Catalog?

Yes, we provide special pricing for the customers who want to get access of our whole catalog. Contact us and get a price quote.

Do You Provide Subscriptions To Locationscloud?

Yes, we provide yearly subscriptions and these yearly subscriptions include access to:

  • All the data in the catalog
  • All the data updates (usually updated in 3 months)
  • All the new data as our data catalog increases every day–more than 100 data sets monthly
  • Premium tech support with 2-hours turn-around in the business hours
If I Can’t Get a List or Data I Actually Need, Will Locationscloud Get That For Me?

Certainly. Our data is extensively used by the developers for creating inventive mobile applications.

What are the Terms of Use for Locationscloud?

You may review all the terms of use here. It’s very easy, you can use data in whatever way you like, however, and you can’t sell it.

Do You Have Any Historical Location Datasets for Retailers?

At Locationscloud, we maintain particular records of all retail locations’ data that we collect. That helps us providing our consumers with past data sets for all the retail locations. Contact us and we will happily provide you a free quote!