Which are the 10 Major Accessories and Apparel Stores of Canada in 2022?


In 2022, Moores is the largest accessories and apparel store in Canada.

Based on the number of locations, below is a list of major 10 accessories and apparel stores in Canada in the year 2022:

  • Moores
  • Oldnavy
  • Gap
  • Aritzia
  • Banana Republic
  • Levi's
  • Steve Madden
  • Maurices
  • Linen Chest
  • Michael Kors

The biggest clothing and accessory retailers in Canada in 2022, according to the number of outlets, are Moores, Oldnavy, and Gap. Most locations are located by Moores, which has 115 locations spread over 10 provinces and territories. Gap and Old Navy each have 82 and 109 sites in Canada. Together, these 3 account for 48.86% of Canada's major 10 apparel and accessories retailers.

Comparison amongst the Major 3 Accessory and Apparel Locations and Major 10 states with a population

Moores, OldNavy, and Gap are the major 3 stores having the highest locations of Accessory and Apparel locations.

1. Moores

There are 115 locations of Moores which is the largest Accessory and Apparel in Canada. It is found in 7 out of 13 provinces or territories of Canada.

2. OldNavy

OldNavy has 109 locations which are 7 out of 13 provinces or territories and is the second-largest in Canada for accessories and Apparel stores.

3. Gap

There are 82 locations of Gap which are 5 out of 13 provinces and territories and is the third-largest Accessory and Apparel store in Canada.


What are the biggest clothing and accessories retailers in each Canadian province and territory?

Based on the number of shops, Oldnavy is the biggest clothing and accessories retailer in 7 of Canada's 13 provinces and territories. In contrast, Moores is the biggest clothing and accessory retailer in 7 and Maurices is the biggest in 3 provinces and territories.


Download the entire Canada location dataset for each clothing & accessory store in Canada.

Provider No. of locations No. of states and territories No. of cities
Moores 113 10 88
Oldnavy 108 10 83
Gap 64 7 40
Banana Republic 62 9 44
Levi's 44 7 34
Steve Madden 37 5 16
Maurices 37 5 16
Linen Chest 36 4 30
Michael Kors 35 7 27

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