Where Are The Major GoodRx Locations Found In The USA For 2022?


There were 35,507 GoodRx locations in the USA. California had the major GoodRx locations in the USA with almost 3,309 locations and that accounted for around 9.02% of all the GoodRx locations in the country in April 2022.


Comparison Amongst 3 States Of The USA For GoodRx Locations

Let us compare and contrast the major 3 states having the most GoodRx locations.

1. California

There were 3,309 different locations among 39.53 million Californians with around 9.02% of the total number of GoodRx locations. This means that there is one for every 11,948 people.

2. Florida

Florida had a population of around 21.52 million people and there were 2,967 different GoodRx locations which are around 8.02% of the total number of GoodRx locations. So there is one for every 7,248 people.

3. Texas

Texas had a population of 29.05 million people and had 2,927 different locations with around 8.01% of the total number of GoodRx locations. It means that there is one for every 9,915 people.

Which Are The States And Territories In The USA Without GoodRx Locations?

There are 3 states or territories without GoodRx locations in the USA.

  • American Samoa
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands

Major 10 Cities Which Have The Maximum Number Of GoodRx Locations In The USA

City State/Territory Number of Locations
Houston Texas 303
Chicago Illinois 253
Miami Florida 226
San Antonio Texas 195
New York New York 188
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 187
Las Vegas Nevada 174
Phoenix Arizona 161
Orlando Florida 143
Dallas Texas 141

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