What Number Of United States Postal Service Locations Are Found In The United States For The Year 2022?


As of May 11, 2022, the United States postal service has 31,628 locations in the country. New York has the highest locations of US postal service with 1,888 locations that accounted for 5.05% of all the United States postal service facilities.


Comparison Among The Major 3 Locations Of US Postal Service

The following are the states having the most United States postal services:

1. New York

The population of New York is around 19.65 million people and has 1,888 different locations which is 5.05% of the total locations of the United States postal service which means there are 10,336 locations for every individual.

2. Pennsylvania

There are 12.87 million people in Pennsylvania and 1,827 different locations of United States postal services which are 5.01% of the total number of locations in the USA. This means that there is one location for every 7,020 individuals.

3. California

California has 1,709 locations of United States postal services which accounts for 5% of the total locations in the USA. Out of the total of 39.55 million Californians there 1 location for every 23,164 individuals.

There is at least one location of the United States postal service in every territory and state of the United States.

Major 10 cities that have highest number of United States Postal Service locations in the USA

City State/Territory Number of Locations
Brooklyn New York 67
Chicago Illinois 65
New York New York 64
Washington District of Columbia 61
Los Angeles California 59
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 56
Houston Texas 55
Atlanta Georgia 48
Bronx New York 48
Miami Florida 46

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