What Number of Locations for Tissot are there in the UK in 2022?


On January 11, 2022, there are 507 Tissot stores throughout the United Kingdom,. With 426 sites or 85 % of all Tissot locations in the UK, England is the country with the most Tissot locations.


Comparison amongst Major 3 States of the United Kingdom for the Tissot Locations and Major 6 states with a population

England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are the major 3 states with the maximum Tissot locations.

1. England

England has 426 locations of Tissot among a population of 56.32 million people. This means that there is 1 Tissot location for every 132,755 people, accounting for 85% of all sites.

2. Scotland

There are 49 locations of Tissot in Scotland with a population of 5.49 million individuals. This predicts that there is 1 Tissot location for every 116,238 people contributing to around 8% of all the sites

3. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a population of 1.87 million people with 13 locations in Tissot. This means that there is 1 Tissot location for every 157,834 individuals and contributes to around 2% of the total number of Tissot locations.

Country Population Number of Locations
England 56.29M 424
Scotland 5.46M 47
Northern Ireland 1.89M 12
Channel Islands 174.00K 9
Wales 3.15M 8
Isle of Man 85.00K 1

Every country has at least one Tissot location.

Major 10 cities with maximum Tissot locations in the United Kingdom

City State/Territory Number of Locations
London England 35
Glasgow England 15
Manchester England 12
Leeds England 7
Birmingham England 7
Southampton England 6
Nottingham England 6
Edinburgh Scotland 6
Essex Scotland 6
Heathrow Scotland 3

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