What Number Of Burger King Locations Are Found In The United Kingdom For The Year 2022?


On May 27, 2022, there are 498 Burger King Outlets in the United Kingdom. England has the most Burger King sites in the UK, with 405 locations, accounting for 82% of all Burger King Locations in the country.


Comparison among the Major 3 States of the United Kingdom for Burger King Locations

The major 3 locations having maximum Burger King Locations are England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

1. England

There are 405 locations of Burger King available in England and has a population of 56.3 million people. So, there is 1 Burger King Site for every 140,019 individuals, accounting for around 82% of all Burger King Locations.

2. Scotland

There are 43 different locations of Burger King in Scotland and has a population of 5.48 million people. This means that there is one Burger King Outlet for every 127,048 individuals, accounting for around 9% of the total number of Burger King Sites.

3. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (5%) has 25 locations of Burger King with a population of 1.91 million people this predicts that there is one Burger King Outlet for every 75,762 individuals, accounting for around 6% of the total number of Burger King Sites.

The Isle of Man seems to be the only country without a Burger King franchise.

Major 10 cities with the maximum Burger King locations in the UK

City Country Number of Locations
London England 27
Birmingham England 10
Glasgow Scotland 9
Bristol England 8
Belfast Northern Ireland 8
Leeds England 7
Nottingham England 6
Ipswich England 5
Edinburgh Scotland 5
Cardiff Wales 5

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