Store Locations Analysis of GoodRx and Blink Health in the USA

Location analysis of GoodRx & Blink Health in the USA


For majority of Americans, healthcare is the top financial and personal priority. However, drug costing in the USA is amongst the costliest in this world. Prescription discounts services like Blink Health and GoodRx provide a lot of relief because these are the digital platforms, which assist users in obtaining low rates on medicines.

In this blog, we will look into different locations of amongst the finest prescription discounts services – Blink Health and GoodRx. Many other factors like population, related retail chains, as well as access services were measured.

Brief Insights

  • GoodRx provides its services in additional stores than the Blink Health.
  • GoodRx is leading in the east coast region whereas Blink Health is leading in the southern
  • General retail chains underneath GoodRx and Blink Health include Costco, Publix, Walmart,
    and Safeway.

Total Stores – Blink Health and GoodRx


We have analyzed more than 67,000 stores, which have Blink Health and GoodRx services accessible. GoodRx is having a slightly bigger footprint with services accessible
within 35.5K stores matched to Blink Health that is available with 32.2K stores.

The prescription services are accessible in an extensive range of stores like grocery stores, supermarkets, health clinics, etc.

Blink Health and GoodRx: Maximum Stores for Every State

The map given here showed the leading prescription services in every state. GoodRx rules in 29 different states and the majority of them are situated on the east coast
as well as southwest regions straggling from Texas to California. Blink Health outstrips in 21 different states of which over 50% of the states are within central regions.

Counties with Maximum Stores Per Capita

Over 45% of the stores underneath GoodRx are situated in counties whereas the per capita incomes range from $20K- 30K. Whereas more than 40% of the stores, which provide
Blink Health service are situated in the regions where per capita incomes range at $25K-$35K. Some counties, which had higher per capita incomes of more than $60K as well as a fairly higher number of stores include New York County with 480 stores as well as Montgomery County with 852 stores.

The charts here show the per capita incomes (county-wise) by the number of stores having both the discount services individually.


GoodRx is having more stores within highly populated tends and counties to get concentrated in many urban cities. Any store having GoodRx accessible caters to
about 20K-30K people. Instead, an individual store having Blink Health is accessible to 25-35K people as well as their locations are universal.

Best Retail Chains Related with Blink Health and GoodRx

Retail Chains underneath Blink Health

Blink Health is accessible in 32,216 stores nationwide. All the stores include pharmacies, supermarkets, clinics, small-scale businesses, and urgent cares. We have found more than 10,000 individual chains, which were accessible under the Blink Health.
The chart here shows percentages of key retail chains, which frame the Blink Health.


The biggest retail chains, which offer prescription discount services include Walmart with 14.3%, Kroger with 3.7%, and Publix with 3.6%, as well as Safeway with 2.2% respectively. All these chains combined makeup of over 23% of the total stores.

Retail Chains underneath GoodRx

GoodRx is having a bit larger store count than the Blink Health having 35,505 stores. This discount provider has a total of 78 retail chains.
This chart given shows the percentages of key retail chains, which frame the Blink Health.


Over 70% of the stores are from key chains like Walgreens with 24.9% share, CVS Pharmacy with 22.8% share, Walmart with 12.9% share, Rite Aid with 6.8% share, as well as Target stores with 4.9% share. Other key retail stores as well as local grocery chains that have GoodRx accessible at over 90% of the locations, include RiteAid, Meijer, Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, Hy-Vee, and Sams Club.

Familiar Retail Chains under Blink Health and GoodRx

The chart here shows the ratio of the best chains, which are accessible under both prescription


For most key chains, there isn’t an important preference between these two services, with the difference of only 1-4%.
The dashboard here shows where Blink Health and GoodRx discount services are accessible together with related retail chains.


Advantages of Prescription Discounts Services

Discounts prescription services, as well as cards, are the real part of a nuanced and complex healthcare landscape. All these services are performing well in the healthcare sector during the Coronavirus pandemic as it supplies to people that are not covered as well as looking to treat themselves at home.
However, they might face politics and competition from other market players also. The e-commerce big fish Amazon has begun its private online pharmacy as well as his plans of opening pharmacies at the Whole Food Markets stores. Other key pharmacy retailers include Walgreens and CVS that might see the effects on the market share.
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