Restaurant & Fast Food Closures in USA

Go through the current restaurant and food closure insights in USA

Restaurant & Fast Food Closures In USA

How Many Restaurants & Fast Food Centers have Closed During 2020?

There has been total 509 restaurant and fast food center closures in the USA during August 2020. California had 11.3% of restaurant and fast food center and closures having 58 closures.
The LocationsCloud Data Store monitors location data about 170 fast food centers and restaurants in the USA. We had found 56 of the brand stores had to close their stores during August 2020.

Map Restaurant & Fast Food Closures In USA

Download the List of All Store Closures

You may download the entire list of restaurants as well as fast food centers used in this report in an Excel file, together with geo-coded address, contact numbers, as well as providers from data store.
The listing of store closure for Restaurants and Fast Food’s brands in the dataset include Pizza Hut, Subway, Firehouse Subs, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, Dairy Queen, Panda Express, Jimmy Johns, Rita’s Italian Ice, McDonald’s, and more.

Total Restaurant and Fast Food Closures by State

A state having maximum store closures for the restaurants and fast food chains in the USA is California having 58 store closures. Tailed by – Texas having 56 (10.9%) of store closures, as well as Pennsylvania having 29 (5.6%) of store closures respectively.

States Having Maximum Restaurant and Fast Food Closures

State Locations
California 58
Texas 56
Pennsylvania 29
Florida 26
Georgia 26

Cities Having Maximum Restaurants and Fast Food Closures

The cities having maximum store closures include Chicago, San Antonio, and Atlanta, having 6 store closures a piece. The table here shows cities having the maximum store closures.

Number of Closures City
6 San Antonio
5 Kansas City
4 Las Vegas

Percentage of Restaurant and Fast Food Stores Closures in 2020

Rita’s Italian Ice had closed 3.4% of total stores in August 2020 as well as it is a chain having maximum percentages of stores closed. Trailed by – Schlotzsky’s with 2.8% as well as Chick-Fil-A with 2.4% respectively.
The table here shows top five store chains having the maximum percentages of closures.

Provider Percentage of Closures
Rita’s Italian Ice 3.4%
Schlotzsky’s 2.8%
Chick-Fil- A 2.4%
Pizza Hut 1.3%
Subway 4.5%

Download the Dataset

The LocationsCloud’s Data Store offers locations data of hundreds of brands available across different industries including Healthcare, Grocery, Automotive, and more. You may also use subscription to store different data plans we offer as well as find datasets getting data points including store opening, store closures, in-store pickup alternatives, parking accessibility, services, subsidiaries, nearest competitors’ stores, etc.
You may download the complete dataset utilized for the analysis from the data store. A table given here is the random as well as small record sample for you in the fields as well as the data we offer:

(For this table, please visit the link and take table from there)

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Restaurants Adapting the Post-COVID World

The Covid-19 pandemic as well as resulting economic dip may drastically change the restaurant industry. Restaurants are stressed to stay afloat, whereas franchises for different chains have trailed for bankruptcy like Subway, Chuck E. Cheese, IHOP, as well as NPC International.
A solid online-ordering presence as well as digital loyalty programs have proved to be the salvations for restaurants during the coronavirus crisis, as the levels of digital engagement amongst the consumers have climbed. Quick casual as well as fine dining have increased to the challenges, creating delivery as well as takeout programs from the scratch to drive revenues when all the dining places are closed. It includes larger accommodating, low-touch takeaway areas as well as providing curbside takeaway to meet the new consumers’ demands about safety and health.

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