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Depending on the number of locations, Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram Trucks are the top motels in the United States in 2021.


Depending on the number of locations, Wyndham Group Hotels and Resorts, Choice International Group Hotels, and Marriott Group Hotels & Resorts are the top hotels in Canada in 2021.


Based on the number of sites, Walmart, Kroger Company, and Kroger are the leading hotels in the United States in 2021.


There are 48,794 Express Scripts locations in the United States. California has the most Express Scripts locations in the United States, with 4,908 locations, accounting for 10% of all Express Scripts locations in the country.


There are 3941 outlets in six countries, where Co-op foods has the most locations.


Read this blog, to get the exact locations of KFC in India in 2021.


There are total 3937 Co-op Food Locations in UK. The state with majority of Co-op Food Locations in UK is England with 3184 locations.


Crocs has made increment of reportedly $1400 million even during the pandemic. Read this blog and learn how.


With total 1301 Tata Motors locations in India, Uttar Pradesh has 136 locations which is 10% of all Tata Motors locations in India.


There are 81 grocery store closures in the US during August 2020. The states with the majority store closures are Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan.


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In August 2020, there were 509 fast food and restaurant closures in the United States. The state of California accounts for 11.3 percent of all restaurant revenue "closures".


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In the United States, there are over 24,000 pizza franchises. Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the United States, with 6,660 locations. Texas has the most pizza franchises in the United States (2763).


In the United States, there are over 32,000-Dollar shop establishments. Dollar General operates 16,191 locations across 44 states. There are 7,296 Dollar Tree locations across 48 states. Family Dollar operates 9,489 locations throughout 46 states.


There are around 37,000 discount retailer stores in US. Texas (3.7K) has the highest number of stores. There is a total of 80% stores from Dollar stores.


More than 54,000 convenience stores are there in the United States among which shell is the biggest convenience store chain and California has the maximum number of stores.


Walmart (4590) has the highest number of grocery stores that offer Curbside pickup in the US. Whole food (160) and Food Lion (159) has the lowest number of Curbside Pickup stores.


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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there are many clinic and pharmacy closures in USA last year. This is a store closure report of clinic and pharmacy closures in US in 2020.