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This blog gives you information about Location Analysis of the Largest Departmental Stores in the US and how LocationsCloud can help you scrape data from the Largest Departmental Stores in the USA.


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There is a total of 3,242 Kroger stores by statesituated in the USA (as of Feb 2021) that makes it the 2nd biggest retailer as Walmart is in the 1st place.


If you want to have the location analysis of the Largest Auto Parts Stores in the US then Locationscloud can help you by providing the best scraping data off the Largest Auto Parts Stores in the US.


The sales of Electric Vehicles or EVs have been growing at an average rate of 25% every year. However, the current growth in EV sales is because of the Model 3 of Tesla, the best-rated electric vehicle that has been appealing to the huge market because of its reasonable pricing.


There are around 1,925 total Tractor Supply Locations Companies in the USA as of 2021. The province with the maximum quantity of Tractor Supply Locations Company in the USA


The UK supermarkets strive fiercely for the customers because of few retailers as well as it becomes harder to understand which supermarkets provide the finest deals, provide greater-quality food, as well as offer you five-star services.


There are 3,514 stores of Kroger Company in the US on 31st December 2019) and it is the 2nd biggest retailer in the US after Walmart.


Pharmacies always play a significant role in managing seasonal flu vaccinations in the US in the current year. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the healthcare systems are overawed by the COVID patients, all the people are going to the retail pharmacies to get vaccinated in large numbers against the flu


Nowadays, the US is spending 17.9% of their GDP on the Healthcare sector in the year 2020 as well as will increase this share in the future.