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Location Analysis - The Biggest Pharmacies in the US

Pharmacies always play a significant role in managing seasonal flu vaccinations in the US in the current year. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the healthcare systems are overawed by the COVID patients, all the people are going to the retail pharmacies to get vaccinated in large numbers against the flu. Some biggest pharmacies in the US have progressed from supplying medications to offering different healthcare services like immunizations, specialty pharmacies, clinics, drive-thru pharmacy, prescription pickups, and more.
At LocationsCloud, we have looked at the biggest pharmacies in the US – Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Health Mart, Safeway, Good Neighbor, Select Medical, and The Medicine Shoppe.

Brief Insights

  • California is the state having the maximum number of pharmacies (3.2K) in the US.
  • CVS is the biggest pharmacy retail chain in the US having 9,968 outlets in US.
  • You have over 29,881 pharmacies available in the US.

How Many Pharmacies are Available in the US?

How Many Pharmacies are Available in the US

We have analyzed over 29,881 pharmacy stores in 8 different pharmacy chains within the US.
CVS is the biggest pharmacy chain in the US having 9,968 locations within 50 states, trailed by Walgreens (9,024) as well as Health Mart (5,002).

Pharmacies Having the Maximum Locations Per State

Walgreens is having the biggest number of pharmacies within 21 states. Most of the Walgreens pharmacies are situated in the Central United States and the rest are situated across the country.
After Walgreens, there comes the CVS having the maximum number of pharmacies within 20 states. The majority of these states are lined alongside the West and East coasts.
The only state having an equal number of Walgreens and CVS stores in Missouri. Health Mart rules in 6 states whereas Safeway and While Rite Aid control in 1 state apiece.

CVS’s Pharmacy Locations


CVS Pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy chain in the US having 9,968 stores. Other states having maximum pharmacies include California with 1,180 pharmacies, Florida with 876 pharmacies, and Texas with 848 pharmacies respectively. CVS is a permitted WIC retailer. The number of CVS stores that are qualified for the WIC purchases is 1,748.
Because of the pandemic, people depend heavily on the prescription’s pick up as well as drive-thru services to avoid close contact with the people. Nearly 30% of the stores with CVS pharmacy offer pick-up services. Over 99% of the CVS pharmacies are selling prescription medicines with 11% of the CVS pharmacies are having a MinuteClinic.

Walgreens’s Pharmacy Locations


Walgreens is the 2nd biggest pharmacy chain in the US having 9,024 stores. The states having maximum Walgreens pharmacies include Florida with 821 pharmacies, Texas with 705 pharmacies, and California with 587 pharmacies respectively.
Nearly 80% of the Walgreens offer immunizations and 2% of the Walgreens are having a LabCorp laboratory.

Health Mart’s Pharmacy Locations


You can find 5,002 pharmacies of Health Mart in the US. Different states having the maximum number of Health Mart pharmacies include California with 500 pharmacies, Texas with 434 pharmacies, and Florida with 364 pharmacies respectively.

RiteAid’s Pharmacy Locations


RiteAid is having 2,450 stores in different 18 states of the US as well as are focused in the North Eastern and West Coast US. California with 535 pharmacies in the state having the maximum pharmacies, trailed by Pennsylvania with 518 pharmacies and New York with 318 pharmacies.
About 12% of the RiteAid pharmacies are offering COVID-19 testing.
All the RiteAid pharmacies also offer immunization. About 47% of the RiteAid pharmacies are providing prescription-based home delivery. RiteAid has been closing its pharmacies quickly, from holding 3,176 pharmacies in the past year to 2,450 pharmacies in the current year.

Locations of Good Neighbor’s Pharmacy


You will find 2,381 Good Neighbor’s locations in the US with California having 244 pharmacies, Texas having 228 pharmacies, and Georgia having 134 pharmacies respectively.

Safeway’s Pharmacy Locations


Safeway is having 733 pharmacies within 17 different states of the US. Different states having the maximum Safeway pharmacies include California with 156 pharmacies, Washington with 151 pharmacies, and Colorado with 96 pharmacies respectively.
Over 99% of the Safeway pharmacies provide vaccination as they are specialty pharmacies.

Locations of The Medicine Shoppe’s Pharmacy

You can find 369 pharmacies of the Medicine Shoppe in the US. Different states having maximum Medicine Shoppe’s pharmacies include Pennsylvania with 56 pharmacies, California with 33 pharmacies, and Missouri with 26 pharmacies respectively.

Select Medical Pharmacy’s Locations


You have 99 locations for Select Medical in 28 different states of the US. The maximum number of Select Medical stores are in the state like Ohio with 15 pharmacies, Florida with 12 pharmacies, Pennsylvania with 10 pharmacies, and Michigan with 10 pharmacies.

States Having Maximum Pharmacies in the US

Without a doubt, California is having the maximum number of pharmacies at 3.2K locations, trailed by Texas with 2.24K locations and Florida with 2.22K locations respectively.

Drive-Thru Accessible at Pharmacies


Due to the current pandemic, customers avoid going to pharmacies or public places. It has increased in more people choosing for drive-thru and curbside pickup when comes to important services.
About 82% of the Walgreens locations are having a drive-thru facility whereas CVS Pharmacy has 58% and RiteAid has 54%. Merely 2% of the Safeway pharmacies offer drive-thru services.

The Role Retail Pharmacies Will Play in the Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines

All the leading retail pharmacy chains, as well as supermarket pharmacy chains, have registered to deliver COVID-19 vaccines whenever they become available. The current list does not consist of Whole Foods that might have assisted Amazon in getting the word out about online pharmacy services.
Recently, Amazon has announced that it would sell prescription-based drugs at discount rates using its website. As it would affect many companies like GoodRx and Amazon-owned Whole Foods is having over 500 stores in the US would affect all the retail pharmacies also. Supermarket pharmacies like Target, Publix, Walmart, etc. rank greater than the retail pharmacies for customer satisfaction and it will require to incentivize online pharmacies to avoid dropping consumers to Amazon.
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