How To Find Dollar Stores In The US Using Location Analysis?


Dollar stores are a multibillion-dollar sector that is growing in popularity, with new locations opening every day and raking in profits. In the United States, there are now over 32,000-dollar shop establishments.

Given these companies’ aggressiveness, the number of dollar shop outlets could expand by 20% by 2025. We looked examined the locations of the country’s three largest dollar shop chains: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.

Insights In Brief

  • Dollar General operates 16,191 locations across 44 states.
  • There are 7,296 Dollar Tree locations across 48 states.
  • Family Dollar operates 9,489 locations throughout 46 states.
  • In the United States, there are over 32,000-dollar shop establishments.
  • Dollar stores outnumber Subway in terms of the number of locations (24,044).

How Many Dollar Stores Are There In The US?

In the United States, there are already over 32,000-dollar stores. With 3,379 locations, Texas has the most dollar stores.


With 16,191 locations in 44 states, Dollar General DG 220.3 +1.4 +0.6 percent is the largest dollar store network. Dollar Tree DLTR 103.2 +0.7 +0.7 percent has the most stores across the country, with 7,296 locations in 48 states. Family Dollar, which is owned by Dollar Tree, has 9,489 locations in 46 states.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar businesses are recognized for providing home items, accessories, and necessities for as little as $1 and as little as $10. The two bargain retailers used to be rivals, but Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar for $8.5 billion in 2015.

Dollar Stores With Most Locations Per State


The top dollar store in each state is depicted on the map above. Dollar General has a stronghold in 30 states, the majority of which are in the Midwest and South. Family Dollar outnumbers its competitors in 11 states, seven of which are in the western United States. Dollar Tree has a monopoly in only eight states, three of which are on the west coast.

Although the dominion of Dollar General and the Dollar Tree family is enormous, dollar stores’ proclivity to open near traditional merchants makes them a threat.

Dollar General Locations US


Dollar General has 16,191 locations in 44 states. Texas (1,543), Florida (906), and Georgia are the top three states with the most stores (889). The eastern side of the United States has a significant concentration of Dollar General Stores. Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming are the only states without a Dollar General shop.

Around 25% of Dollar General’s products are priced at $1 or less, while 80% of its things are priced at $5 or less. Fast Track, a self-checkout meant to increase in-store labor productivity and consumer convenience, is the latest digital innovation from the retailer. It has also launched the DG Fresh self-distribution initiative, which focuses on the self-distribution of fresh and frozen products.

Family Dollar Locations US


In 46 states, there are 9,489 Family Dollar stores. Texas (1,243), Florida (730), and North Carolina are the states with the most Family Dollar stores (559). Despite its concentration in the eastern states, Family Dollar outnumbers Dollar General and Dollar Tree in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Dollar Tree Locations US


Dollar Tree stores can be found in every state, with 7,296 locations in 48 states. California (609), Texas (593), and Florida are the states with the most Dollar Tree locations (540). Only Washington has no Dollar General or Family Dollar stores, but it does have Dollar Tree stores.

Since August of this year, 283 new Dollar Tree locations have opened. The majority of Dollar Tree’s clients are middle-class suburbanites. Dollar Tree Inc. purchased Family Dollar for $8.4 billion in 2015. Despite the potential for dollar-store chains to expand, it is a competitive market. Dollar General, Dollar Tree’s main competitor, is experimenting with smaller-format stores called DGX sites geared at younger customers. The locations of Dollar General and Dollar Stores Inc. are shown on the map below.

The Top States With Dollar Stores


The chart shown below will display the top 15 states having the majority of Dollar General, Dollar tree, and Family Dollar Locations:

Texas has more dollar stores, with 3.4 thousand, followed by Florida (2.1 thousand) and Ohio (1.1 thousand) (1.7K). Dollar Tree stores outnumber Dollar General and Family Dollar stores in California.

Although California is a top state for major stores such as Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods, it ranks 14th for Dollar Stores.

Increasing Competition From Retailers


Because of additional discounts and smaller storefronts, dollar stores are able to compete with big names. However, several cities have enacted legislation to limit the expansion of dollar stores, claiming that they deliberately cluster multiple businesses in low-income regions. This policy makes it difficult for supermarkets to open, limiting people’s access to fresh food.

Walmart has already been experimenting with smaller-store concepts in an attempt to drive dollar retailers out of business by offering lower prices. Amazon has added a new $10 and under the section on its website. These items are similar to what you’d get in a dollar store, but Amazon offers free shipping on them.

Dollar businesses are still profitable, but they have their job cut out for them, especially with Amazon and Walmart seemingly launching new budget-friendly categories every day.

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