How Many Woolworths Group Locations Are Found in Australia for the Year 2022?


On June 29, 2022, there are 2,248 Woolworths Group sites throughout Australia. New South Wales, which has 699 sites and accounts for 32% of all Woolworths Group locations in Australia, is the state with the most Woolworths Group locations.


Comparison among the Major 3 States of Australia for Woolworths Group Locations

The major 3 locations having maximum Woolworths Group locations are New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

1. New South Wales

New South Wales has 701 locations of Woolworths Group and has a population of 8.19 million people. This means that there is one location for every 11,693 people with around 32% of the total Woolworths Group locations in Australia.

2. Queensland

Queensland has 517 locations of Woolworths Group and has a population of 5.22 million people. This predicts that there is one location for every 10,089 people with around 21% of the total number of Woolworths Group locations.

State/Territory Population Number of Locations
New South Wales 8.17M 699
Victoria 6.66M 542
Queensland 2.67M 233
South Australia 1.77M 144
Tasmania 542.00K 51
Australian Capital Territory +432.00K 37

Every Australian State and Territory has at least one Woolworths Group location.

Major 10 cities with maximum Woolworths Group locations in Australia

City Province/Territory Number of Locations
Toowoomba Queensland 11
Melbourne Victoria 9
Bendigo Victoria 7
Bendigo Victoria 7
Craigieburn Victoria 7
Dubbo New South Wales 6
Melton Victoria 6
Southport Queensland 6
Campbelltown New South Wales 6
Wagga Wagga New South Wales 6
Armidale New South Wales 6

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