How Many Trader Joe’s locations are There in the United States?

How Many Trader Joe's locations are There in the United States?

As per data of June 20,2021, you will find 534 Trader Joe’s locations in the United States. California state has the most Trader Joe’s location with 190 locations, covering 35% of all Trader Joe’s locations in America.

List of top States having more Trader Joe’s Locations:


Population : 39.51M

190  LOCATION(35%)

With around 35% of the total number of Trader Joe’s outlets, there is one for every 207,959

New York

Population : 19.45M

29  LOCATION(5%)

With around 5% of the overall number of Trader Joe’s locations, there is one for every 670,812


Population : 7.62M

25  LOCATION(4%)

With around 4% of an overall amount of Trader Joe’s outlets, there has one for every 304,595

States and Territories in the United States without a Trader Joe’s Location

There are total 13 US States and Territories not having Trader Joe’s Locations. Those are:

• Puerto Rico
• Hawaii
• Alaska
• South Dakota
• Mississippi
• West Virginia
• Wyoming
• American Samoa
• Guam, Montana
• U.S. Virgin Islands
• Northern Mariana Islands
• North Dakota

Which Cities are Having the Most Number of Joe’s Locations in the US?

City State/Territory Number of Locations
Los Angeles California 14
New York New York 9
San Diego California 8
Seattle Washington 7
Chicago Illinois 6
San Francisco California 6
Dallas Texas 5
Washington District of Columbia 5
Tucson Arizona 4
Pasadena California 4

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