How Many Rent-A-Car Enterprise Locations Are Found In Canada in 2022?


On April 22, 2022, there are 499 Enterprise Rent-A-Car outlets throughout Canada. Ontario has the most Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in Canada, with 181 locations, accounting for 36.05% of all Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in the country.


The comparison between 3 countries that have major Rent-A-Car Enterprise locations in Canada is as follows:

1. Ontario

Ontario has a population of 14.47 million people and 181 Addresses which contributes around 36.05% of the total number of Rent-A-Car Enterprise locations, there is one for every 80,805 people.

2. Quebec

There are 113 locations in Quebec with a population of 8.47 million people living there. There is one Rent-A-Car Enterprise location for every 74,629 individuals, accounting for around 24% of the total number of Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations.

3. Alberta

There are 58 locations in Alberta and has a population of 4.37 million people resides there. There is one Enterprise Rent-A-Car location for every 74,933 individuals, accounting for around 12% of the total number of Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations.

How Many Locations Are There Without Rent-A-Car Enterprise in Canada?

There are almost 2 states or territories in Canada that do not have Rent-A-Car Enterprise in Canada are mentioned below:

  • Yukon
  • Nunavut

Major 10 cities with a maximum of Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in Canada

City Province/Territory Number of Locations
Calgary Alberta 16
Montreal Quebec 14
Toronto Ontario 13
Winnipeg Manitoba 11
Edmonton Alberta 10
London Ontario 7
Mississauga Ontario 7
Ottawa Ontario 6
Quebec Quebec 6
North York Ontario 5

The data can be downloaded in the desired formats. CSV is almost preferable and set as default.

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