How Many Numbers of Impossible Foods locations are there in USA in 2021?


In 2021, what is the number of impossible locations of foods in the USA?

As of January 14, 2021, there were 40,310 in 54 territories or states and 4643 cities have Impossible Food stores in the USA. California has the most Impossible Foods sites in the United States with 6,458 locations accounting for almost 17% of all the Impossible Foods locations in the country.


Comparison among major states having many impossible food locations:

1. California

California has a population of 39.53 million people. There are almost 6,458 different locations which are 17% of the total number of Impossible locations of Foods. So that accounts for 1 for every 6124 individuals.

2. Florida

There are 21.49 million people in the country that has 3,044 Locations which is around 7% of the total number of Impossible Foods stores, it means there is 1 location for every 7,062 individuals.

3. Texas

Texas has a population of 29.01 million people and there are 2,976 different locations which is around 7% of the total number of Impossible Foods locations, so there is 1 for every 9,751 individuals.

States in the USA not have Impossible Foods Locations

Impossible Foods locations are not present in 3 US states or territories:

  • Mariana Islands (Northern Marianas)
  • American Samoa
  • Guam

Top 10 cities that have most number of Impossible Foods locations in the US

City State/Territory Number of Locations
Chicago Illinois 372
Los Angeles California 371
Houston Texas 332
Las Vegas Nevada 329
New York New York 310
Miami Florida 263
San Diego California 258
Denver Colorado 249
Seattle Washington 241
Phoenix Arizona 210

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