How Many McDonald’s Closures are There in Walmart?

McDonald's locations that would close in April 2021. There was a maximum of 246 McDonald's closures, with 227 (92%) of these being inside Walmart shops.

As more customers shop online and choose drive-thru, McDonald’s is shutting several eateries within Walmart shops. For more than 30 years, Walmart Inc. and large eateries such as McDonald’s have had a mutually beneficial relationship. Shoppers had a motive to remain around stores because the shopkeepers provided diners and the restaurants gave rental revenues.

This relationship has become challenging as more people buy online and fast-food establishments depending mostly on drive-thru sales, a feature which McDonald’s within Walmart shops lacks. McDonald’s has already been closing shops in the top US retailer’s locations over the decades. There were roughly 1,000 locations at its height.

We investigated the McDonald’s locations that would close in April 2021. There was a maximum of 246 McDonald’s closures, with 227 (92%) of these being inside Walmart shops.

Brief Observations:

  • Total 246 McDonald’s stores closed during April 2021.
  • 27 states experienced McDonald’s closures
  • Texas is the state with maximum closures.

Number of McDonald’s stores in Walmart

There are 571 McDonald’s restaurants in Walmart stores, according to the Walmart store locator.

All Walmart locations in the United States are shown on the map below. A Walmart supermarket with a
McDonald’s restaurant is designated by the red pixel location in the below map.

The majority of Walmart locations with a McDonald’s restaurant are located in densely populated urban centers.

Many McDonalds had closed by April 2021 leading to a shortage of shop sales. The map below shown depicts all Walmart locations with a McDonald’s. The closed McDonald’s is indicated by the red grid points. The closed McDonald’s is indicated by the red grid points. Many of the shutting of McDonald’s took place in the southern states of Texas, Florida, and Arizona. More than 90% of the Restaurants that shuttered in April were in Walmart supermarkets.

Comparison of McDonald’s with Other Retail Stores within Walmart

McDonald’s isn’t the only retailer with a Walmart location. Many other food businesses are linked to the retail giants and also have outlets and outlets there. The top five retailers with the most locations in Walmart supermarkets are shown below.

With roughly 8% of all Subway outlet stores in Walmart supermarkets, Subway has more eateries. Walmart has announced that it is gradually closing Subway locations owing to declining traffic congestion and decreased revenues. With 571 sites, McDonald’s comes in a close second. The McDonald’s business generates over $2.1 million per year on average, yet a store in a Walmart barely makes $900,000. Auntie Anne’s, a snack business, ranks third having 227 locations. Auntie Anne’s is found at 18% of Walmart stores in the United States.

Dunkin’ Donuts is in fourth place with 75 locations. The donut company’s products, such as cocoa beans and drinks, are available at all Walmart supermarkets. Checkers, Rally’s, and the Philly Pretzel Factory are examples of small stores that have been there for a long period at Walmart.

Taco Bell, Domino’s, and New Restaurant Partners

Hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants have closed this year at large box stores, indicating that Walmart and McDonald’s may be parting ways. However, this will not imply that Walmart has abandoned fast food. Instead, Walmart has indeed been experimenting with a range of other choices to substitute the closed McDonald’s, including non-store-traffic restaurant brands such as Domino’s and Taco Bell, as well as plate of food and delivery solutions.

Yum Brands’ Domino’s and Taco Bell have just launched testing in Walmart shops. We discovered Taco Bell and Domino’s sites nearby shut McDonald’s using our store data. There were 39 Domino’s restaurants and 68 Taco Bell restaurants inside a couple of miles of a closed McDonald’s.

Nathan’s Famous Inc., a New York-based hot dog chain, has teamed up with Ghost Kitchen to open 100 non-traditional sites by the end of 2021. So far, one Nathan’s restaurant in Carson City, Nevada has been confirmed on Walmart’s website. Ghost Kitchens will be created by converting closed McDonald’s and Subway locations.

Pizza Eateries

Customers, according to Walmart, are looking for simplicity. That is why businesses like Domino’s, with their pick-up and distribution channels, are a perfect option. Domino’s is currently available in 30 Walmart supermarkets. Apart from Domino’s, Walmart has four additional pizza chains: Papa Johns, Papa Murphys, Little Caesars, and Marcos Pizza. Years ago, these stores were explored, but they were not as popular.

Other fast-food chains are being welcomed into Walmart’s stores

McDonald’s is used to be Walmart’s exclusive restaurant owner. However, hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants within Walmart have shuttered in the last year. Only 150 businesses are expected to operate by the end of this summer. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Walmart stores across the country have reduced in-store shopping and shifted to online shopping. Since McDonald’s and Subway are diverging, Walmart can concentrate on other retail stores. Walmart has stated that non-food services and businesses like as salons and tool rental services are the greatest uses of their property in some circumstances.

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