How Many Beyond Meat Locations Are Found In The USA In 2022?


The comparison between 3 countries that have major beyond meat locations in the US are as follows:


Texas has a population of 29.05 million people and has 2,489 beyond meat locations which are around 6.02% of total meat shops. It can be considered as there is one shop for every 11,655 people in Texas.


Florida has a population of 21.49 million people and there are 3,196 different beyond meat locations which are almost 8.01% of the number of meat shops in the US. This accounts for one location for every 6,723 people in Florida.


There are almost 39.52 million Californians and has 5,447 beyond meat locations which are around 15% of the total number of locations in the US. This means there is one location for every 7,256 people in California.

How Many Locations Are There Without Beyond Meat In The US?

There are almost 5 states or territories in the USA without beyond meat locations are mentioned below:

  • Puerto Rico (PR)
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • Virgin Islands (US)
  • Mariana Islands (Northern Marianas)

Major 10 Cities That Have The Maximum Number Of Beyond Meat Locations In The US

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