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For USA customers, home improvements stores have created a distinctive path through offering quality products to do home remodeling jobs as well as pass on the knowledge to make projects a reality. Hardware product and home improvement spending have been steadily increasing with an increase in demand. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, customers have given importance to home improvement having additional time as well as opportunities for home repairs and projects. It has increased demands for home improvement’s products as well as their prices.
We have analyzed locations of biggest home improvements stores within the USA including Ace Hardware, Home Depot, True Value, Lowe’s, and Menards.

Brief Insights

  • Ace Hardware with 4.1K stores is the biggest home improvements store chain within the USA.
  • There are over 13,000 of home improvements stores within the USA.
  • California with 1,042 stores has the biggest number of home improvements stores.
  • You may download the data of home improvement stores utilized for the analysis as well as more from the data store.

Number of Home Improvements Stores Available in the USA


We have analyzed a total of 13,444 different stores having 7 home improvements stores within the USA.
Ace Hardware is a biggest home improvements chain having 4,118 home improvements stores available in 50 different states. The True Value is having the second-biggest presence having 2,266 different stores. In 3rd place, you have Home Depot having 1,976 different stores.
Various home improvement chain stores are the finest solutions for all the house-related requirements, from furniture to construction materials, home decor, as well as accessories.

The Home Improvements Chains Having Maximum Locations for Every State


This map shows the leading home improvement stores in all states.
Ace Hardware is a major state-wise home improvement store compared to other competitors’ chains. This chain is dominating in 37 different states having most of the states, available in the Central and Western USA.
Lowe’s, as well as True Value, is in 2nd place with the maximum stores within 4 states. Tractor Supply as well as The Home Depot rule in three as well as two states correspondingly.

Ace Hardware’s Locations



The biggest home improvements store is Ace Hardware with 4,118 different stores in the USA. The states with a maximum of stores include California with 358 stores, Florida with 269 stores, and Texas with 223 stores respectively.
Ace Hardware is world’s biggest hardware retail’s cooperative as well as the biggest American non-grocery retail cooperative. As per J.D. Power, the Ace Hardware is at No.1 in the customer’s satisfaction having customers preferring fast services as well as offline shopping compared to the competitors.

True Value’s Locations


You have 2,266 locations of True Value across the USA. The states having maximum stores include California with 358 stores, Florida with 269 stores, and Texas with 223 stores respectively.

Home Depot’s Locations


You have 1,976 stores of Home Depot in the USA. The states having the maximum stores include California with 233 stores, Texas with 181 stores, and Florida with 155 stores respectively.
For retailing e-commerce business sales, the Home Depot comes at No. 5 after Amazon, eBay, Apple, and Walmart. Home Depot had 47% of the retailing foot traffic in the 4th quarter of 2019, the biggest traffic compared to competitors. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the surge of total people working in the home improvement events that have helped Home Depot through driving the share price more by 15.5%. During 2017, the Home Depot had released the multi-years strategy called One Home Depot, having $11 billion investments to make frictionless interrelated shopping experiences.

Tractor Supply’s Locations


You have 1,921 stores of Tractor Supply in the USA. The state having maximum stores include Texas with 212 stores, Pennsylvania with 98 stores, and Ohio with 96 stores respectively.
Tractor Supply Company is getting strength for summer’s seasonal categories as well as daily merchandise including usable, consumable, as well as edible products. This company’s Omni-channel investments consist of curbside pickup, next-day delivery, same-day delivery, re-launched websites, as well new mobile apps that contributed to the growth of digital sales.

Lowe’s Locations


Lowe’s has 1,727 stores in the USA. The states having the maximum stores include Texas with 142 stores, Florida with 126 stores, as well as North Carolina with 113 stores respectively.
Due to COVID-19, the people are taking more repairing as well as remodeling the projects themselves whereas hunkered down in the home. Amongst February & April 2020, the foot traffic increased by 21% in Lowe’s stores and it was the time when the retail spending and visits in the USA collapsed. Also, Lowe’s has directed young homeowners better with the millennial-dedicated marketing campaigns as well as is anticipating to overtake Home Depot store.

Harbor Freight Tools Locations


You have 1,101 stores of Harbor Freight Tools in the USA. The state having the maximum stores include California with 358 stores, Florida with 269 stores, and Texas with 223 stores respectively.

Menard’s Location



The Midwest chain Menards is having 335 stores within different 15 states. A state having maximum stores include Illinois with 60 stores, Wisconsin with 44 stores, and Minnesota with 40 stores respectively.
Although Menards may not have a similar amounts of stores in the list, this has converted into a famous Midwestern chain, which holds its individual against the competitors like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Menards conceits itself for being a lower-priced leader in home improvement’s business as well as is well-known for special deals as well as rebate offerings.

The top States having Maximum Home Improvements Stores


California has the maximum home improvements stores having 1,042 different stores trailed by Florida having 935 stores as well as New York had 762 stores respectively.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected Home Improvement Business?

During 2020, the homes have become everything, which makes a conventional customer’s life. As coronavirus pandemic has forced almost everybody to spend time at the house, there are no doubts the shared shelter-in-position experience would have long-term impacts on the consumer’s psychology. Considering the present industry state, spending $900 billion in the home improvement industry will continue increasing. In the coming three years, the growth rate might even start exceeding that about the new home constructions.
Consumer’s interest is within the remodeling as well as homeowners are backing up, which interest with the increased spending at the places like Lowe’s and Home Depot and also having hiring of the contractors to perform professional renovations. However, whether the enthusiasm would continue through what might be a prolonged USA economic decline remains to get seen.
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