Biggest Grocery Chains in the USA – Location Analysis

Lets go thorugh location analysis of the biggest grocery chains in the USA

Groceries come under big business niche. Customers in the USA visit grocery stores over any other types of retail stores. Here, we will go through 11 biggest grocery chains within the USA – Walmart, ALDI, Kroger Company, Target, Publix, Ahold Delhaize, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Whole Foods Markets, Costco, and Trader Joe’s.

Brief Insights

  • Walmart with 4,676 stores is the biggest grocery chain within the USA.
  • Over 18,000 of grocery stores are there in the USA.
  • California is the state having the maximum grocery stores with 16.6K stores.

Which are Biggest Grocery Chains within the USA?

We have analyzed total 18,253 of grocery chain stores through 11 biggest chains within the USA. Walmart leads the list having 4,676 stores in the USA.
Kroger Company is at the second place having 3.2K stores. The Company is having 22 subsidiaries including marketplaces, supermarkets, as well as price-affecting warehouse stores. ALDI is the third biggest grocery chain having 2K stores.

The Grocery Chains Having Maximum Locations for Every State

This given map shows a grocery chain having the biggest stores in every state. Walmart is dominating within 18 states, the majority of them are in central USA. Kroger Company outstrips within 15 states covering west coast as well as some other states in Midwest.
Whenever comes to governing grocery stores in all states, Ahold Delhaize is at third place. It has extra stores than all any other chains in 12 out of these 18 where it operates.
ALDI and Publix beaten store counts within two states. The biggest grocery chain within the southern region is Publix as it dominates in Georgia and Florida at the national level whereas ALDI is a frontrunner in Minnesota and Illinois.

Walmart Locations within the USA

You have 4,676 different Walmart locations available in all the 50 states within the USA. Texas is having the maximum Walmart stores coving 11% of the total Walmart places, followed by Florida with 341 places and California with 281 places respectively. Walmart’s store supply follows carefully to population mass having stores situated in or nearby urban centers as well as consumer population groups.
Walmart is a retailer having maximum stores providing curbside pickup services. This is the biggest retailer around the world that constantly leverages retail footprints whereas also evolves for this e-commerce era. Walmart has tested drone delivery and driverless trucks. It offers many services to the customers including pharmacy, retail goods, photo labs services, and grocery pickup. Walmart is having pharmacies available at all Walmart locations together with different retail clinics as well as veterinary clinics.

Locations of Kroger Company in the USA

There are 3,242 stores of Kroger Company situated in 38 different states in the USA. All the stores are situated in the southwest and Midwestern regions. States having maximum stores include California with 303 stores, Ohio with 292 stores, as well as Texas having 210 stores respectively. Kroger provides pickup, shipping, same-day deliveries, as well as its private tags.

This Kroger Company is having 22 chains, however its biggest subsidiaries include Kroger with 1,348 stores, Harris Teeter with 250 stores, as well as Little Clinic with 225 stores respectively.

ALDI Locations within the USA

ALDI is a fifth biggest supermarket chain within the UK. Within the USA, ALDI is having maximum stores situated in eastern part of the USA having some stores located in the Southern California. It is aggressively increasing locations as well as looking for the finest possible locations. ALDI’s supply chains are amongst the finest factors where ALDI creates a store. With easy terms, it indicates that ALDI creates stores near the other stores as it makes that a lot quicker and easier to ship different products. Professional say that ALDI is well placed as a lower-price grocery leader.

Locations of Ahold Delhaize in the USA

You have 2,006 locations of Ahold Delhaize. Different brands of Ahold Delhaize in the USA include Food Lion, Hannaford, Giant Food, GIANT Food Store, as well as Stop & Shop.
Ahold Delhaize is mainly dedicated on southern states and has stores in the eastern coast extending to Maine. These companies underneath Ahold Delhaize has the network of over 2,000 different stores, which covers 33% of the USA population in 18 neighboring states. The states having maximum Ahold Delhaize stores include North Carolina with 499 stores, Virginia with 349 store, and Pennsylvania with 167 stores respectively.

Target Store Locations within the USA

There are 1,897 locations of Target stores available in all the 50 states within the USA. The states having maximum stores include California with 307 stores, Texas with 153 stores, and Florida with 126 stores respectively. The majority of Target location are situated in northeast regions as well as portions of California. Different Target stores provide services like in-store pickups, pharmacies, and retail clinics.

Publix Locations within the USA

Publix is having 1,283 different stores in 7 southern east states within the USA. The states having maximum Publix stores include Florida with 828 stores, Georgia with 192 stores, as well as Alabama with 80 stores respectively. A southern grocery chains are having the maximum stores in Georgia and Florida from a grocery chain.
All the Publix locations are having a pharmacy as well as offer pickup for the curbside groceries using Instacart. In addition, Publix provides services like money transfers, recycling, in-store Bakery, and its personal ATMs called Presto. As per Newsweek’s list of America’s Finest Customer Services in 2020, Publix has rank of No.1 with supermarket category as well as No. 9 generally.

Safeway Locations within the USA

Safeway is a west coast located grocery chain, situated in 888 different locations in 17 different states. The state-wise maximum Safeway stores include California with 245 stores, Washington with 171 stores, and Arizona with 102 stores respectively.
Safeway’s main operations base is in west having some stores situated in Mid-Atlantic area of East Coast.

Locations of Sam’s Club within the USA

In the USA, you will get 598 stores of Sam’s Club. The states having the maximum stores include Texas with 82 stores, Florida with 46 stores, and California with 29 stores respectively. Sam’s Club is having different services in the consumer healthcare including optical centers, retailing health clinics, dental care, as well as behavioral health requirements. Sam’s Club is also having store-in pharmacies at over 90% of the locations.

Locations of Costco within the USA

You will find 557 stores of Costco in the USA with states having maximum stores include California with 131 stores, Texas with 33 store, and Washington with 32 store respectively.
Costco offers an extensive range of produce, meat, as well as groceries in the bulk in the splendid warehouse stores however, it also provides exclusive member of services including optical services, a traveling agency, a pharmacy, gas stations, and a food court.

Locations of Trader Joe’s in the USA

You can get 532 locations of Trader Joe’s available in all the 50 states within the USA. The states having maximum Trader Joe’s stores include California with 190 stores, New York with 28 stores, and Washington having 25 store respectively.

Locations of Whole Food Markets in the USA

You can get 503 locations of Whole Foods available in 42 different states within the USA. The states having maximum Whole Foods Markets include California with 92 stores, Texas with 36 store and Massachusetts with 33 stores. This Amazon-owned and organic grocery chains provide many services to the customers like Amazon Grocery Pickup and Delivery, Amazon Hub Lockers, and Amazon Returns.

States Having Maximum Grocery Chains

A state having maximum grocery stores include California having 1.7K stores, Florida with 1.6K stores, and Texas with 1.2K stores respectively.
California also tops the list of bigger grocery chains like Kroger, Safeway, Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, as well as Whole Foods Markets. This chart shows the best 15 states having maximum grocery chains.

Alterations in Shopping and Grocery Chains

Today’s grocery stores range from brick & mortar to delivery apps, online subscriptions, as well as direct-to-customer sales. Provided what’s happened during 2020, it’s strange to concentrate on trendy ways of eating when jobs and lives are on stack. For food websites, the key priority is not the innovation nut it’s production efficacy.

This pandemic has exposed the gaps in packaging, distribution, as well as sales that have resulted in the increase in stressed consumers and product shortages. Companies are resolving this by streamlining product lines as well as avoiding distributors to deal directly with the farmers for guaranteed product quality as well as accessibility. While nearly 50% of Americans are making $25K-$100K every year by eating healthier in this pandemic, apparently as America started cooking again and shifted to plant-related options. Companies like Everytable and Clover Food Lab are observing opportunities of targeting lower as well as middle-income group Americans with the search of healthy eating.

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